Weigh Your Heart Gently

Weigh the Heart

Weigh the Heart

And well, I guess we are back to animal totem/heart pictures for now 🙂

Baboons figured prominently in the symbolism of Ancient Egypt. Often associated with the god Thoth, who played a role in the judgment of the dead, the Baboon was sometimes shown as sitting upon the scales that weighed the heart of the dead against a feather.

The heart was to be so unburdened and true it was to weigh less than a feather.

I am playing with that image here. To me, the Baboon represents our wild, baser self and I am wanting each of us to weigh our hearts in kindness in regards to some of aspects of ourselves.

None of us are perfect. We make mistakes, we err, we suffer, we hurt. We can be flippant. We can be mean. We can be self-serving and we can also be self-sacrificing.

If we can learn to be compassionate with all that comprises us, we may just find our hearts to be a little lighter. It does not mean that we don’t keep striving to become more aware. It simply means we do not place additional weight upon our hearts when we mess up.

If we could hold our hearts in kindness as we weigh them against perfection, which can never be attained, we may find that our hearts are lighter than we expected.


14 thoughts on “Weigh Your Heart Gently

  1. Wonderful message Kim and quite a bit of synchronicity for me too! I was just talking about baboons yesterday!!! I grew up in Saudi Arabia and a really crazy memory from my childhood is when a wild baboon jumped on my mother’s back when we were walking down the street there. I remember her screaming at the top of her lungs as this crazy baboon jumped on her – it was beyond nuts. Luckily no one was hurt, but I haven’t told this story in years until yesterday and then I jump on my reader and here’s a baboon! Happy flow and great piece 🙂

    • Ahhh…I love this note. Baboons are not a “typical” conversation topic, so I, too, love the synchronicity. I feel somehow at peace that such energy connections exist and are brought to our attention in the most unique ways.

      • Haha I know what you mean…baboons certainly are not an everyday topic of conversation for either one of us, I presume 🙂 PS. I love the baboon’s face! So expressive

  2. That’s a big one! “Do not place additional weights upon our hearts when we mess up”… I not only place the weight, but at times, the whole set of weights! Definitely a work in progress💛

  3. Love the animal totem themes. Very interesting history about the baboon. I love the reminder of compassion and kindness…more synchronicity…just read another blog post referencing it being Ramadan right now…the month of kindness and understanding.

    • I love synchronicity- it seems silly to say, but it gives us a sense of connection that can ease any loneliness or uneasiness. I am so glad you took the time to write your experience.

  4. I really loved this post. As a perfectionist who is rather hard on myself, it is a good reminder. I was thinking earlier today that it is all fear driven from childhood – when I messed up I got yelled at, so I subconsciously ‘yell’ at myself before anyone else has a chance to, not realizing that no one is likely to do that these days. Old garbage!

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