Balls Deep in Life Changes

Enter or Exit

Enter or Exit

Strange little picture here.

It’s a slightly distorted view of a male figure entering …or is he exiting from… water?

It is a play on the duality of life.

The male is the active principle entering or exiting the water, the female principle.

Whether we biologically (or psychologically) identify with being male or female, we actually contain both aspects within us.

It is the interplay between male and female that produces life.

I made the image, however, to primarily speak to changes in life and how each change brings us into contact with two points- the exit and the entrance.

During any life change, we are at once both exiting from an old way and entering into a new way.

Both are contained in the same act and can not be separated.

For some reason, we tend to fixate on one aspect of this duality.

If one focuses too much on the portion being exited, one clings too strongly to the past.

If one focuses too much on the entrance of a new state, one loses the connection and lessons associated with the past.

When we engage with a life change by only looking at one aspect, we lose the other half of the story.

During any transition, you are both exiting and entering. If you can remember this, it can become your balance point by which to weather the change more smoothly.

On a sidenote, I don’t know how this came up, but we were having dinner at another couple’s home. The husband began talking about keeping cool, which caused him to speak to my husband about swimming and getting into cold water.

He said to my husband, “You know how it is. Once you get the guys in the water, you are committed. You know, when you are balls-deep, it isn’t going to get any colder, so you are going in.”

I found this to be a strange coincidence considering the art I had just completed.

And I thought about how this reflects the energy in the image and speaks to changes in life.

Maybe whether we are male or female, we can think about committing if we are “balls deep” in a life change. Once we are “balls deep” it’s not going to get any worse, so we might as well step all the way into to the deep water.

Likewise, if we are emerging from a situation, and we are now “balls free” of the water, let’s not head back in to something we are trying to leave behind.


15 thoughts on “Balls Deep in Life Changes

  1. I guess I am immature… LOL… because I am learning from this post, but I am laughing at the balls!…LOL… penis pictures… LOL

  2. Your art is beautiful, but man, your subject matter isn’t! Am I the only one that thinks God was laughing when he made the penis and balls?
    But, beyond that – you have a good point, once you are balls deep, you might as well take the plunge! πŸ™‚

  3. Good analogy. It is interesting that as I enter water, I consider I am ‘committed’ at waist deep, which is where my uterus is. Think that is the same? πŸ˜‰

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