Rising above Childhood Drama

Rising Above Childhood

Rising Above Childhood

This picture is fast becoming one of my favorites.
I am not sure why it emerged and I can’t explain it all, but that does not reduce my passion for it.

Essentially, it is a young child (yellow color- third chakra (manipura)- the sense of self) held in the hands of God (blue=spiritual).

And these beautiful hands of God lift this child above the stage of the family drama.

Too often, family dynamics seem to be enacted by performers on a stage. We are each given our prescribed role and told to make it “real” even if we know we are acting in a horrible production.

On the stage is a photo frame holding portraits. I purposely made these generic so that any who have suffered trauma within the context of the family could substitute whatever image is needed.

The hands of God hold this sweet, innocent child above it all. For so many, damaged by their own family, there can be a sense of “What did I do wrong?” “Why do I have to suffer like this?”

And these feelings can linger well into adulthood. The cycle of trauma running through one’s life in unexpected ways.

I take hope in this image that this trauma and abuse was never meant to be. That the hands of God hold us all as children above the “stage” of performance created by others.

We were meant to be so much more than bit players on a stage fulfilling roles assigned by others. The hands of God lift us towards the light, protecting the innocent child within each of us.

May we each come to embrace this child.

(I am not sure what happened with the green mountain-like structure on the right. Green is the color of the heart chakra (anahata), so maybe it says something about the solidity of the heart and love and God reaching with us towards this immovable force in the world. I really don’t know.

We can also simply chalk it up to a “Kim Harding” piece of art in which large, green mountains juxtapose stages in a most natural manner ๐Ÿ™‚ )

15 thoughts on “Rising above Childhood Drama

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  2. Oh, you mean that wasn’t the close up of The Hulk’s green arm coming into the picture? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I share a similar vision of God’s hands. When I need a break from the world or things are going not so well, I envision myself curled up and protected in God’s hands, so similar to your picture. I think as children of God, we are all held this way and when we become aware of it, it can be so comforting. You just know that everything is being taken care of so worry no more!

  3. Beautiful painting. I love that you except pain or interpret your paintings for us. Too many artists expect you to get it without any explanation and then imply that the viewer is stupid.

    • And I feel the same about yours. As someone who is not trained at all in the arts, I believe so strongly that we are all creative, that in fact it is our Divine right to express the “art” that is within us. I love how encouraging your blog is. Keep putting your good energy out there ๐Ÿ™‚

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