The Sense of Self follows Intended Actions



Again, we have another “penis picture”.

I chose this one, because to me, the penis represents the active principle, the penetrator and impregnator of the formless resulting in the formed.

What emerged in this picture is the “back” structures associated with the penis (somewhat remind me of the vas deferens heading up and around to seminal vesicles and prostate gland). To me, it almost looked like a heart shape emerged.

And I thought of our hearts putting forth the active principle to impregnate our worlds.

This heart shape wraps around a yellow ball which represents the manipura, third chakra, or sense of self and self-will. I liked the idea of the heart reaching outwards with energy, while cradling our sense of self for protection and safety.

And I realized, as I have been reflecting lately on my decisions in life and art, that our sense of self FOLLOWS our intentions and actions.

When our intentions are sound, and we follow these intentions with solid actions, our sense of self can not help but be pulled along for the ride.

When our intentions and actions are positive, our sense of self becomes positive as well.

In the picture, the penis represent the active principle- the actions. And these actions wrap around the third chakra and help pull along its development. All of this energy is wrapped up and tied to our hearts.

Too many think that the sense of self develops first and then the actions and intentions result from this sense of self.

I would say the opposite happens. Our intentions and actions lead to our developing our most sacred sense of self.

Please think of this the next time you are uncertain about yourself. Allow your purest intentions to emerge and act upon these intentions. These intentions directing your actions will result in the movement of your sense of self in a positive direction.

A few side notes:

I have been working on my artist website. Please check it out if you like…. Soul Healing Art ( I would love to know what you think. You can also sign up for my newsletter. Which, currently is in the INTENTION STATE, not the ACTION state. I need to follow my own advice and have my sense of self manifesting in that direction. πŸ™‚

Finally, it is our 6 year wedding anniversary today. I sometimes still can’t believe that I ended up with a such a kind, loving man who sincerely is dedicated to a good (on some days)/ great (on other days) relationship. πŸ™‚

Last night, as I discussed my new website with my husband and he glanced over it, he mentioned “Boner Boys”. I looked at him with head shaking and said, “I have no idea what you are talking about.” I didn’t know if he was referring to a joke he heard at work, a new band, or what…

And he said, “Well that is what I renamed your picture. You know the one”… The picture he is referring to is below:

Boner Boys

Boner Boys

Which used to be titled “Creation Sentries” but now goes by the name “Boner Boys”.

In all honesty, I feel blessed that I have a husband who can easily and with little fanfare embrace the artist within me- phallic symbols and all.


16 thoughts on “The Sense of Self follows Intended Actions

  1. Hi Kim,

    I’ve just noticed, that while you’ve been writing about/drawing penis, I’ve been somewhat pre-occupied with/writing about/thinking about balls (I don’t know if I’ve been focusing on the anatomical correlate though). Last week with the new moon, “these balls” that I used in metaphor during the Mercury retrograde, became eggs and the symbol for Cancer in astrology. I didn’t even realize this until now!

    Wow… your “penis series” has helped me see my balls!

    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary, and Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will be sharing our 1 year anniversary this July. ❀ Best to the both of you. May have many, many happy wedding returns.


    • See, I just love this. YOu are experiencing the same energy as I am – that mutability between male/female and how they both contain the opposite in a sense. Wow. I think it is amazing how energy like this permeates us all, even when we are not consciously aware of it. Your comment has really inspired me today. And congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Love and commitment can be so transformative, can’t they? πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Kim,

    As you know, I am a huge fan of all the bright colors you use in your work, and the active intention of healing you bring to all your art! I am fascinated by the potential of colors and images to heal us energetically. I will say, the beautiful bright artwork on your new art site really pops against the black background. It is a very effective contrast. Love, Amanda

    PS. Boner Boys is the perfect name for that piece!! haha I could totally see it being a 70’s throwback album cover for a band named the Boner Boyzzz. πŸ™‚

    • ha!!! Thanks for getting how I was thinking about my husband’s comment. I was thinking of a rock group as well, spelled Boner Boyz. I could just see it happening at some point. I just didn’t type that in. Take care πŸ™‚ (and thanks so much for checking out my website. I really appreciate that you took the time to do that.)

  3. Congratulations on year 6 – may there be many more. It is wonderful to hear of great relationships, we so often are immersed by the media with all the celebs and their break-ups, etc. We need to hear more about what is working as opposed to what isn’t!
    Your website is a great place to showcase your art all in one place. Although I do love hearing your process that goes along with your creative work, it really adds a lot of meaning to it for me. I’m guessing that your growth helps many of us grow as well. πŸ™‚

  4. Really enjoyed this one and your explanation of it. I have to say that when I first saw the image come up on my reader, my first thought (before I read interpretation) was that you had painted a vagina! And I saw/felt warmth, energy and receptivity. Happy anniversary, so wonderful!

    • Oh, I actually love this interpretation, so thanks for sharing. As you know, I have been working with male/female energy, so the fact you first saw a vagina really helps me.

      • Yes, I love the male/female energy work you are doing. It’s helping me resolve some of my own issues in trying not to overgeneralize what happened to me in my marriage to new men I am meeting. Beautiful stuff.

  5. I always look forward to seeing your posts on my reader! I love the idea that intentions and actions lead to self…I had never really thought about it that way, but it has manifested that way in my own life…living proof. They all end up driving each other… Congratulations on 6 years! Mr Soul Healing Art has found a blessing in youπŸ’›

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