Stones of the Gods- Our Vulnerability in Creativity

Stones of the Gods

Stones of the Gods

What may the Gods believe of Man
Carrier of the Stones
To perpetuate the Ages
Why the position so vulnerable?

Right now, at this moment, I am at a writing workshop. Note the multi-tasking, not only am I am at a writing workshop, I am doing some actual writing. 🙂

I have been struck by the hope and faith by those I have encountered at this small conference. I think it is a definite belief in one’s self and one’s work to sign up, attend, and pay for such a conference.

As I have listened to the stories of these writers, I have also been struck by the sense of vulnerability that arises with creative works. SO many decision to make- what do I reveal? Do I use a pen name? What if others have problems with what I write?

The sense of vulnerability lead me to my most recent art piece, and the play between the idea of vulnerability and sense of power.

To me, the testes are a perfect example of this interchange of energy. I label the picture “Stones of the Gods” because it shows the strength and power contained in the testes- houses of procreation.

The testes are Stone-like, not only in shape, but in their containment of the continuity and power of the eternal lineage of life. In this manner, they represent the indestructible.

Yet, they hang as orbs in position most vulnerable, swinging free from the protective abdominal-pelvic cavity.

By what design? What are we to take from this?

As a biologist, I, of course, understand that body temp is lethal to sperm development, but why does the energy play out this way?

How can billions of bits of genetic material be so exposed? (Perhaps it is because I am a woman, that male genitalia has always appeared vulnerable to me, so “out there”.)

And I thought of this with the writers in this workshop (yes, my mind is that weird. Everyone else is thinking publishing contracts and I am thinking art, testes, vulnerability and creativity.)

Creativity is our eternal lineage. Our creative works will survive us (in both the literal procreative sense and in other more esoteric ways).

And like the sperm in the testes, our creative acts contribute to the on-going evolution.

But in these acts of creation, as they will outlast us and take upon their own lives, there is vulnerability, there is exposure.

Where we most carry the power of life, we are the most vulnerable and vice versa. Our sense of vulnerability allows us to also play with a sense of power.

I see this represented in the testes of men and the hearts and passions of these writers here.

To be creative is to be both powerful and vulnerable at once.

I know my picture is a little strange. The spermatic cord (or whatever it is) makes it look like the penises are wearing earmuffs.

I am not sure why I drew it like this. Each side of the spermatic cord is actually independent. But, I like the strength and color of this image.

And the vulnerability of the testes and also their strength brought to mind discussions had with my husband and stepson. Similar to many women, I still don’t “get” the “humor” of a man being hit in the testes. We see this played out in TV shows and movies and I got to tell you, it’s just lost on me, as my husband and stepson sit there giggling in glee.

As my husband and stepson have reassured me and tried to “explain” this humor to me, insisting it is SO funny because it hurts so much.

As a woman, I am just not sure I may ever “get” it.


8 thoughts on “Stones of the Gods- Our Vulnerability in Creativity

  1. I think you put more thought about the testes than the people that actually have them. Everything you say rings true though. I love the colors in the picture. Very vibrant like the life that is created. Both your picture and your words are thought provoking.

    • Ha! You are probably right with the testes comment. I have just always found the mix of all that creative material- literally billions of gametes- and the vulnerability of these structures to be fascinating. Thank God I blog now so I have an outlet for these insightful commentaries 🙂

    • thank you so much for your support. I thought of you recently with a situation with my stepson. You and your writing had me literally thinking in terms of an “Army of Angels”. What a gift you give.

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  3. Kim, I love how your mind works! The art piece is strangely powerful and funny at the same time. And I love what you have taken from it; the “balls” it takes to risk being vulnerable; the power involved in “germing a seed”. Fabulous!! Kim

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