Carried Along



The Moon descends to serve
as both compass and companion.

The Great Goddess walks towards the Destiny
She knows the End before it Begins

Our Hearts and Hopes sway along Her broad back
carried along by the Plodding Life rhythm

She has walked the Journey for millennium

Ferrying each Soul through the cycle

She lives the Lifes and Deaths
a 1,000-1,000-fold over and never, ever falters

She does this for one simple reason-
So No Soul ever has to walk Alone.


I liked this image and thought. The idea of the Great Goddess taking the journey again and again- aware of the love, hope, triumph, pain and despair that will be encountered along the way. Still, She does not falter. The price is small to pay for Her in relation to the pain of any Soul having to walk alone.

So, She carries each of us upon Her back, treading the steps that lead to the end and She never quits.

She ferries each Soul to the end, as protector, compass, support, and carrier of Hearts.

She is the flesh of life beneath our feet as we walk our destiny. She is the solid support and the impetus to move forward where all we see is the end of the land falling into the abyss of the Horizons.

She whispers “Trust Me” and in her sure-footed way continues to carry us along.


3 thoughts on “Carried Along

  1. I love this painting… it reminds me of my dream of waking on a path in the woods… well – except the woods aren’t tehre and I probably wasn’t a bunny… 😀

    Hope you are having a great weekend Kimberly

    ~ Eric

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