Shame is such a heavy burden. I am not sure we ever understand the cost it extracts from us.

Words can be written, articles can be read, and therapy can be attended and still shame may linger in the shadows. Waiting.

Shame is such a cold, dead feeling. It is at once heavy enough to suppress us, yet it is slippery enough that we can’t get a tangible grip on it to extract it from our Spirits.

I started working on the above picture and saw the emergence in the dark blue/black color a representation of person who is hunched over under the weight of a burden. When I looked at it, I thought, “This is what shame feels like.”

When shame strikes with precision, we literally have problems walking upright.

I started to play with the images emerging more.

Shame in the image is the swirling figures behind the person.

Shame creates chaos and uncertainty in our lives. And like the image shows us- shame is always in our PAST. Shame is related to things behind us. Something in the moment may trigger our sense of shame, but shame is the link to the whirlwind and tornado from our past.

In the image, I showed this tornado pulling at the back of the human figure, trying to pull him or her into the past where the “shame-ful” moment occurred.

In addition, energy is leaking out between the person’s legs and heading to the tornado.

The first chakra, known as the muldhara, is located between the legs. This chakra speaks to our physicality in the world and our basic rights (and trust) in our existence.

Shame grabs and pulls this energy from us. In the image, you can see the bright yellow light (the light of life) draining from the person. This is what shame does. It eats up our light and love of life.

If shame is significant, it can cause us to reflect on our right to be “here”. When we feel badly enough about ourselves, we may question our very right to exist at all.

I won’t go in to why so many feel shame. In part, we are a culture and society (as are many others) that uses shame. But beyond this, many know on the very personal level as to why they feel shame and what was done to them to engender this feeling of shame.

But here is where I take hope- if you look at the picture – you see no swirling chaos in front of the human figure. There is simply whiteness. This is because- and you need to remember this- shame can not happen in the future.

There is NO shame in your future. The future is yet to happen. Before you is the whiteness of potential. Whatever has happened in the past is truly in the past.

Shame only exists in relation to the past. Let it go.

A quick prayer that crosses all cultures and religions when you are going through a transformation is simply this- think of the situation and simply utter in your favorite language:

“It is done. It is done. It is done.”

This simple utterance unties you from the past and allows the energy of potential to enter into the space.

I wish my postings were more linear and consistent in topic. Sorry for the randomness of my blog. I simply write what comes to me, especially in relation to my art and my life. As someone who has struggled so much with shame, I thought others may benefit from this piece also.


18 thoughts on “Shame

  1. Shame is such a destructive force…you explain and depict it well. But…it offers us the chance to practice forgiveness…which paves the way for love!! I think you should follow your heart…just as you have the way that you post…and the way that you live!!! Blessitude πŸ™‚

      • Aww! Thanks Kimberly. This was not always so…In fact some people would laugh if they read this. I have healed in so many ways…and I continue to…that is the key…forgive our “mistakes” and try again! Enjoy the rest of the weekend:)

  2. Shame is really a fascinating subject, when you aren’t in the midst of it, anyway. The shame/pride dichotomy is really interesting to me. It’s ironic, in the bible, in the garden, God goes looking for Adam and Eve after they’ve sinned, and He says, “I did not give you a spirit of shame!” So, our Creator didn’t give it to us, it’s not our intended state, and it makes people feel unworthy. So why in the world do we spend so much time trying to promote it??

    Shame is the flip side of pride. It strikes me as interesting that when people are in a state of humility, they cannot be humiliated.

  3. Beautiful artwork and beautiful words. I hate how much shame I carry, but I’ve gradually been able to lessen it some. For me, shame feels all tight and tense and knotted up, face hidden so no one can see. It is very toxic and hard to get rid of. I wish all the best for you in releasing yours.

  4. This is a wonderful post. As I read it, and then insanitybytes22 comment, I, too was reminded of the Bible. Your mantra, “it is done,” called to mind the jubilant proclamation of Jesus on the cross when he said, “It is finished.” He took our sins, our shame, and cast them all aside. He gave us the freedom to walk in the Spirit, in God’s invitation, acceptance and everlasting love. There is a unique peace in that love.

    Thank you for the humble reminder.

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