Does Love really have this Power?

I have You

I have You

The other morning things were not going well for my stepson which translated into a less than positive dynamic in our household. Things have been building for some time and it has taken all of my skills and awareness to match the level of his struggles.

After the crisis settled, my stepdaughter’s friend called and she was at an outdoor venue near our home. I grabbed our dog for a walk and told my stepdaughter I would walk over with her so she would not have to go alone. Plus I wanted to decompress after the “adventures” with my stepson.

As we were walking, I jokingly sighed and said to my stepdaughter, “Do you ever wonder with all that goes on if one day I am just going to quit?”

She stopped and turned to me and said, “Never. You love us too much.”
Sometimes, I am not so confident with the stepparent/stepchild dynamic and it is an exhausting process on a mental/emotional/ and dare I say, financial level.

But do you have any idea how powerful it must be for a child to see love in his or her life so clearly displayed that they have no fear that it will be taken away or leave them?

In the fatigue of the day, in the wearing down of moments both large and small, you can wonder if your power of love is transcending you as you hoped it would.

Somehow my stepdaughter showed me on that day that my message of love (which I wished was stronger on some days) was getting through.

She has a love she trusts will never leave her. How beautiful is this?


18 thoughts on “Does Love really have this Power?

  1. I can’t …and don’t have to…tell you how powerful this is. For you already know. My heart reaches out to you with such a great hug…and gratitude. You touch these children…and my feeling is that they NEED you!! And I’m so proud of you for being there šŸ™‚

  2. What a beautiful comment, it is nice to read positive “success” stories of love when there are so many blog entries detailing what the lack of love does to people. Thank you for sharing.

  3. “She has a love she trusts will never leave her.” No greater gift will that child ever receive in her life–thanks to you. ā¤

    • We understand the value of this gift, don’t we? I think we also understand how powerful it is that a child can understand love and how to give and receive it. I am amazed at her transformation.

  4. Love is all powerful! From day one I have always thought that the Universe arranged for you to be in these kids’ lives for mutual growth and soul satisfaction. You work harder than a lot of bio parents do and your stepdaughters comment confirms your job well done. Blessings!

  5. That’s wonderful Kimberly! So affirming. I would love to hear that from my own kids. Sometimes I wonder if my love for them shines brighter than my frustration. I hope so.

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