How Writers Fight Back

This is just a little comment that I have noticed about myself and I am wondering if other writers do the same.

What I have noticed is this-

When I am really pushed, when I am flat out angry, mad, threatened, and wanting to protect myself- want to know what I do?

I write a note.

Yes. The other night, something stressful happened and my first response was to write a note and put in on our microwave door.

When our dog was attacked, first step after calling the police/vet, was to stick a note on the dog owner’s fence. That will teach them!

When my students really are not meeting expectations, oh, I sit down and begin to type some inspiration for them.

I have scribed eloquent statements. I have created simple list of words. I have issued directives. I have used exclamation points- a lot. (Seriously, to a writer – does anything say “Power” like exclamation points all in a row. An symbolic army all lined-up at my command.)

As I look at this activity from a distance, I have no idea what I am hoping to accomplish, as many never even see these notes. But, as a writer, it seems to be my stress response.

If I don’t know what to do, if I can’t say, well, then, I will write it!

Does anyone else do this?


17 thoughts on “How Writers Fight Back

  1. LOL, yes I write notes all the time. My favorite notes are the lists of things I need to do that I have no intention of ever doing. Sometimes I just write it down to make it go away.

  2. I do write notes, when I don’t feel ready to talk about issues here and now, and when I end my meditations, if I got to know something important, as I need to remember.
    We need to get it out of our system in one or another way 🙂

  3. Lol, I should buy stock in post-it pads! I post notes on my fridge, counters, bathroom mirror. And those are just my “to do” reminders! For the bad stuff i head out to the back yard. (you know, to dig. . .)

  4. I have to laugh, I actually wrote a post on my blog, and deleted it because while it was interesting (to me) and possibly relative to someone else’s life, I just couldn’t do it. Sigh, maybe someday. I did feel better when I wrote (typed) it all out. I agree, I love letters, notes, cards, happy, mean or indifferent, it’s very personal, especially handwritten. The “Handwritten Thank You” Card – lost art. 😔!

    Have a great weekend.

    NIBSIH. 😊

  5. As I thought about this, I realized that the notes we write to encourage hold much positive power! I can see the look on the faces of my students (typically the kids who face more challenges than their peers), when they receive a note from me…even the simplest of notes! Writing is also my stress relief…a way to “download” the overwhelming amounts of input that my mind receives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!💛

  6. Of course, I journal. It helps get emotions off my chest and out in the air. If I’m feeling volatile and speaking would do more harm than good, it serves to cool me off enough to level my head. I plain out feel better. I joke that after my death, they better burn my journals, because they are full of “the bad stuff” as I tend to only go there when I’m troubled. You would have to look at the dates of entry to determine that in actuality, most of the time I’m a pretty happy gal!
    I love the part about the exclamation points being used as a power tool – so funny to imagine you scribbling away!!!!!! 🙂

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