“Caring” and “Sharing” with a Narcissist

Every relationship involves an exchange of energy. Thus, sharing is a component of any relationship.

In some relationships, the “relational pie” is split fairly evenly.

Narcissists will insist they also “share” in relationships. Being Narcissists, however, their self-contrived definition of “sharing” ends up a little left of center of normal usage.

Let’s take a minute and look at those things you will be expected to “share” with a Narcissist. (And by “share”, the Narcissist means those things you are supposed to give to him or her to fully use and control from this point forward.)

Things You are Expected to “Share” (read: Give to) the Narcissist to Use

Your time
Your energy
Your schedule
Your days
Your hours
Your minutes
Your thoughts
Your behaviors
Your beliefs
Your emotions
Your words
Your truth
Your experiences
Your desires
Your hopes
Your self-will
Your self-determination
Your life

But even a Narcissist does not escape the exchange of energy. In return for all the Narcissist “borrows”, they will also “give”.

In a Narcissist’s view of “sharing” they will give you all of the following- with the caveat, that you are now fully responsible for “caring” for all of these items.

Items the Narcissist Give to You (i.e. Makes Your Responsible for)

The Narcissist’s happiness
The Narcissist’s well-being
The Narcissist’s financial health
The narcissist’s bodily health
The Narcissist’s self-image
The Narcissist’s relationship with the world
The Narcissist’s inner self-worth
THe Narcissist’s projected outer worth
The Narcissist’s fulfillment
The Narcissist’s inner peace (ha! good luck with that one!)
The Narcissist’s home
The Narcissist’s success

and so on and so on.
Any thing that goes awry with the above items will clearly be your fault because you did not “care” enough.

In a “relationship” with a Narcissist you will be expected to “share” everything of value to you, while you “care” for everything of value to the Narcissist.


15 thoughts on ““Caring” and “Sharing” with a Narcissist

    • I thought of you this morning as I was out running our dog. I thought of your blog and an “Army of Angels”, as I had a difficult experience last evening. We never know how we much we help one another 🙂

      • You are absolutely right! I was just thinking this morning about how our thinking changes when we surround ourselves with things that are positive, compassionate, and inspiring. I think I have spent enough life trying to “change” the negativity by giving until I was empty… I have slowly been switching to encouraging that which is already healing…may the weak be strong! I am touched that God used my humble words to lift you up….💜💙

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  2. Spot on Kim! This exhausted me reading it! lol, almost like i was transcended back into my life of hemorrhaging out for the Narcissist Sociopath. 😀

  3. Whew, I read your posts and think TYG! Perhaps A of A is on to something…”encourage that which is already healing”… no longer feeding the beast seems an excellent idea. Breathe deeply and keep running! 😉

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