Perimeter Control by the God/Goddess: You are Protected



Okay, so things have gotten a bit bizarro in art world. This was to be a beautiful buffalo. (Or as beautiful as I can make it.) But, then the face emerged.

I saw the face as feminine at first- almost uterine in shape. But then the shape of a heart emerged, with penetrating eyes. And devil-like horns grew upon the head.

The head with a yellow opening above the 3rd eye, the ajna chakra, letting light in and out of the all-seeing eye.

Oh, this is a wise, wise beat.

Combining the mass and presence of the powerful Buffalo-body, with the feminine (uterine/heart)-shaped face.

And the horns upon the head? The male aspect of protection emerges. Although, females do have symbolic horns internally- the proper name of the fallopian tubes is the “uterine horns”.

The horns play a trick. Not typical animal horns, but more reminiscent of the Celtic god, Cernunnos. Such penetrating intensity.

I labeled the picture “stalking”, but that had negative connotations for me.

What more correctly came to mind is when certain animals, such as the German Shephed, do “perimeter control”. They will pace back and forth protecting their territory from any perceived threat.

The image speaks of this energy to me. This is the God/Goddess incarnation I want protecting me and my perimeter.

There is wiseness in the face and knowingness. The yellow ajna chakra speaks of vision and warmth. I am not alone, nor are you.

Sometimes when we have less than positive people and energy in our lives, we can feel beaten down, vulnerable, and constantly on-guard for the anticipated attack.

To me, animals are the God/Goddess spirit incarnated. Although this “beast” is a compilation of many forms, it speaks to me and I hope it does to you.

Let us pretend for today, energetically, this symbolic form protects our perimeters. We need do nothing more than place our hearts in its care.

The perimeters of our Hearts (truly the most important place to protect) is monitored by the God/Goddess in all its forms.


20 thoughts on “Perimeter Control by the God/Goddess: You are Protected

  1. You are truly gifted Kimberly!! You can speak to your art…about your art…about your soul!! It is a rare talent to be able to dissect each moment of the artistic process with words that take the reader to the moments it was created. Bravo…Bravo…I am a huge fan!! Blessitude

  2. Great post for me today. Lately I’ve felt myself being drawn in to others’ negative vortexes, dimly aware of it, wondering how to protect myself. Your post is an answer! Thanks, Kim! 🙂

      • Like lambs to the slaughter – hehehe 😉
        I’m pretty resilient. Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize what’s going down. Once I do, it is easy for me to make a course correction. Thanks so much!

      • yes!! Like lambs to the slaughter. I love the word “resilient”. OUr strength is often our weakness. And for those of us who are resilient, we often allow things to go on, simply because we can “handle” it.

  3. I love this…this speaks to me as a mother. Perimeter control – yes I agree, this speaks to me about protecting one’s space and individuality… you are in the zone!

  4. I’m amazed at how you can come up with one image and profound post breaking it all down after another. Very talented!

  5. Hihi :-), I know this is not meant to be funny, but when you mentioned that protection of the area around us, I started thinking about the protective charms Hermione does around the tent in the deathly hallows in Harry Potter. I wish I could do charms like that.:-) And of course I love the Artwork, it is brilliant! 🙂

  6. Hi Kimberly….Comforting to think of an entity protecting our boundaries and heart. I thought it was noteworthy that the word “stalking” came to your mind because in the shamanic tradition that I was trained in, we talked about “stalking” ourselves for patterns, habits and beliefs that were unhealthy or harmful. So, tying it to your notion of “protecting our hearts”, it might mean stalking yourself to see how you allow others to invade your boundaries; to harm your heart. I don’t know if this has any meaning for you but sharing it in case it does. Kim

  7. This may seem silly, but my friends and I frequently pray for a “hedge of protection” around the children, which I visualized as warrior angels. I will now add your animal to my visualization…patrolling the perimeters, alerting to intruders!

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