I am Woman…And This is How I Survive



I am Woman of a Queenly-Size

You may blind Me
You may bind Me

And still, still, I will Survive

The Owl-Like Wisdom of Woman
does not reside in my Eyes.

The Owl-Like Wisdom of Woman
does not reside in my Ears.

The Owl-Like Wisdom is Inside Me.
I am woman born to Survive.

Blind and deaf you would mute Me
and I with Blind man eyes

and Silent Ears will Fly
with Talons extended to capture and kill.

Survival, as Woman-born, has always
been my innate skill.

Sometimes I don’t know how we do it, how we survive it all as women. You read one story after another of women being attacked, murdered, raped, and stoned. And still the feminine principle of the world marches on.

Women have been shackled, cursed, and spat upon and still survival mounts its charge within Her.

And I wonder how this comes about. What enables a woman – who is made metaphorically blind, who is lied to to a point her ears may as well be silenced- find her way in the darkness?

In some ways, this picture represents me. As a stepmom to two children who have a mother that demonstrates narcissistic behaviors, I am metaphorically blinded and bound all the time. The lies and manipulations go on and on and on…. I think any who have experienced abuse know what I am talking about. You wonder if you may survive, let alone triumph.

I hope this picture speaks to you as it does me.

I like to believe women are born with an innate wisdom of the Ages deep inside (the Owl). And like the picture shows, although the owl is blinded and wearing earmuffs (my stepson loved that part :)) she balances on one talon, capturing and killing the snake, as she survives.

Normally, snake symbolism is very positive for me. But, each contains its opposite, and in this image the snake represents the lowest energetic form.

The owl is a feminine symbol, tightly linked to survival. In this image, even blind and deaf (i.e. you can try to remove all of Her powers) and still she survives.

Not only does She survive, She triumphs.

She beheads the snake and kills the lowest nature within Her. And she stands triumphantly upon the stone lingam. (Phallic symbol of power, particularly Shiva). (Interestingly a mudra exists in which the fingers wrap around the thumb. The thumb represents the lingam, while I like to think the snake in my picture represents the fingers wrapping around it.)

In this picture, the Owl (feminine) does not bow to any other powers. Instead, with claw and talon intact, She stands above it all.

This is how She has survived. She understands Her Power Inside.

If there is any one out there currently blinded, bound, and off balance, please know you have the strength inside to survive. It is the wisdom of the Ages that is a part of you.

16 thoughts on “I am Woman…And This is How I Survive

  1. I can absolutely identify with this, Kimberly: ‘blinded, bound and off-balance’ is exactly how I feel. Great post. xxx

  2. I guess it’s this inate wisdom that leads to the β€œwomen are wonderful” effect (phenomenon and phase coined by Eagly) πŸ™‚ Really great post and good stuff to remember! (mandy)

  3. Women are so strong and powerful…they have been victimized, survived, and thrived beyond what is humanly expected! Now that’s power! …I have to agree with your stepson on the earmuffs-special touch😊

  4. I love this post! Actually it reminds me so much of Meryl Streep’s speech to Hillary Clinton about being a woman in the world (please tell me if you have not heard it and I will give the link). I watched the video of her speech yesterday, and last night I dreamt of Meryl Streep visting me and telling me all kind of powerful things about womanhood πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (I love Meryl Streep by the way). So when I woke up and read your post it was as though the chain of events continued! πŸ™‚ and I love your Art, as always! πŸ™‚

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