You Can Not Miss Your Light

The Raven Comes

The Raven Comes

A Raven came from the Night
Unafraid of the Dark
Given his own Hues

He was willing, for Me,
To swim the Blackness
And pull the Light

If I missed the gift,
lost as I was,
the Raven never faltered

But swore to make another Pass
The light of my Dawning Star
carried by the Blackest of Knights.


First, I want to apologize for posting so much. Every day, it seems, I am depositing something in your blog reader. It’s just that the art momentum carries us along with its own energy. I have learned if I do not move forward and push out, those waiting in line for expression begin to back up.

I know this is happening. I could not sleep last night and kept thinking of Archangel “Hazel”. I do not think there is anything such as Archangel “Hazel”. But I did look up Hazel tress and learned, unsurprisingly, the Hazel tree is the tree for creative artists. So, this is to honor the Hazel within each of us, an its continual branching out of expression.

I have always liked Ravens- with their insistence on being so “black”. Of course, black itself is not their true color. Many pigments color their feathers, but they are willing to absorb all of these colors. That is what I like about Ravens- they seem impervious to it all. Throw something at them, and they absorb it.

And because Ravens are so comfortable with “blackness” and “darkness”, they are potent symbols for us. Too often, we fear our own “darkness”. We hide it, cover it, disguise it, ignore it, bury it and so on. But the Raven shows us otherwise. It embraces the darkness, and in doing to, the Raven is set free to fly into the dark Night.

And in the Dark Night, the Raven is able to fly amongst the Stars of Light. My image shows the Raven pulling one of the Lights free and carrying it in its beak as it circumnavigates the Earth.

In carrying this Light, the Raven is symbolizing the Light which rises within each of us, as the Sun does each day.

The Raven in this image is sent to reassure us that we can not ever truly miss our Light.

Even if we can not turn to our Light on a particular day, the Raven says “Never worry. I will cycle back to you again. Maybe then you will be ready to take the gift I offer you – Your Divine Light, pulled from Heaven’s stars.”

If you ever feel you have missed an opportunity to be your best, most brightest self. Don’t worry. Another opportunity is coming your way. The darkness is simply your chance to find Your Light.

19 thoughts on “You Can Not Miss Your Light

  1. don’t apology for blogging! There is always something in your posts that give me pause to think, reflect, wonder, as well as just enjoying your art and poetry, thank you

  2. I actually prefer your ‘darker’ works. Something about the blues and grays make me happier than the reds and yellows. Maybe that says something about my personality.

  3. I love that you share your creative process with us. You probably don’t see that it is by your example that you teach others to do the same. Lucky us! Keep those post coming! 🙂

  4. Great art piece…powerful post! I am a big believer in the power of that which lays hidden in the dark; of mining the darkness in our lives; bringing that which is unconscious into the light! Kim

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