How a True Woman Walks in the World

Moose Hathor

Moose Hathor

A true Woman will take on any form as she is Goddess
energy incarnate. And if on this day, the Moose with its
undeniable presence and solidity of frame speaks to her,

then, yes, this is how a true Woman will walk upon the world-
with dignity and grace carried in a size that can not be ignored.

A true Woman does not hide. A true Woman does not take dainty steps. A true Woman strides. At times, she may glide.

A true Woman may also trod, trample, and stalk when threatened.

A true Woman keeps all her options open.

A true Woman does not crouch. How could she, when on some days, she is symbolically the size of a Moose.

Who could hide such potential? Especially as she magically, though feminine, sprouts antlers upon her Head.

She believes she wears them well, as do I.

Antlers and horns are symbols of antennas tuned towards the Divine. She accessorizes hers with the crown of Hathor, the ancient symbol of feminine and motherhood.

See, this is what a true Woman does as she walks upon the world- she takes on any form and symbol to guide her in her journey.

And on this day, the Moose, a symbol of the feminine and motherhood, walked into a true Woman’s life carrying symbols carved into its side. The wisdom of the Ages that all woman carry inside.

The Moose is the mother that we all need. She carries the wisdom of the ages along her broad sides and holds the vision for each of her children inside. She shows us a snake riding a boat- both inside her and out- and we are to understand she is the protector of dreams.

The snake is the spirit awakening and this mother form has arrived to let you know she is taking care of yours.

And a true Woman understands. She has been looking for a mother Goddess to ferry her dreams to the other side and here she has found it, in the Moose by her side.

As men used to crane necks to travel by the stars of Heaven’s net, a true Woman has learned to walk the Earth by reading the symbols she carries inside.


16 thoughts on “How a True Woman Walks in the World

    • Thank you, thank you so much. I knew you would understand this- as you are a woman who walks in the world reading the language of symbols (at least that it how it appears to me 🙂 ) . I thought of your last post last evening as I read an esoteric book and it mentioned the “arterial branches” on the surface of the Earth.

  1. Oh, wow, we must haven been blessed by the same Goddess today! 🙂 You had already written about the energy and femininity! 🙂 How wonderful! Hihi! 🙂 I loven when this happens! It is like a sign! 🙂 We are really soul sisters! 🙂 and moose is the national animal of Norway! 🙂 🙂 and I have seen many! 🙂 in Norway we call them Elg 🙂 This also reminds me of something Goddess Lakshmi (The hindu goddess) once said. She is the goddess of home, the married wife, the blessing of domestic life, she is soft and beautiful, but when she first showed herself to the gods she said : Don’t misstake my softness for weakness for I have another manifestation that can slay any demons more swiftly and with less effort than any of you male gods. She was talking about Durga, the strong power-goddess that once had to be called upon to slay a demon none of the male gods managed to fight. It is symbloic of the feminine power, the shakti that overcomes all and that remains strong even when the world is raging around her. 🙂

    • Oh, I so love your words. I did not know moose is national symbol of Norway. My family is descended from Norway. I love Lakshmi. I should get a statue of her in my home. I love what you write “Don’t mistake my softness for weakness…” Those are such true words for women.

  2. Yet another post from you that gives me goosebumps – I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you! I really love this post, especially as I have recently found Buffalo coming up for me, and like Moose, she is a grounded animal of enormous presence. Goddess shows herself as anything, that you are right. I am really looking forward to exploring your blog further and soaking up much of the Wisdom only found on the path of such a Wise Woman!

  3. I tried posting this comment yesterday but somehow wasn’t able to do so. Anyway, I simply LOVE this post 🙂 It just says everything…’with dignity and grace carried in a size that can not be ignored’ – so true!

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