Any Woman who can do this is worth Her Weight in Gold

The Strong One

The Strong One

What does one say about a woman who can change her problems into places of growth?


You simply stand in awe and watch the transcendent evolution.

Here is to all my Sisters who insist with a level of grit and determination that their evolution will not be stopped. You give them pain, you give them fear, and my Sisters, I tell you, will put down roots, grow a strong trunk, and insist on blossoming.
I read so many of your blogs and see you transform pain and suffering into awareness and strength. What more could the world possibly need from you but this?

(I liked this image. Not sure where the fish on top of her head came from. Then, I read that scientists are still in “awe” at what they find in the ocean depths. I thought this symbol was fitting. For the world stands in awe of the transformative capabilities of such women.)


21 thoughts on “Any Woman who can do this is worth Her Weight in Gold

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  2. I’m also really appreciating your blog posts!!!! I love the way you use symbolism in your art – and how you share it. It just makes me smile. πŸ™‚ This fish on the head makes me think of Pisces and Neptune, and the act of surrendering, while kind of being like a crown at the same time. Actually, this just reminded me of when I crossed the equator. I was involved in a ritual for school students who sailed on our ship (and I guess the Navy did this,too) to “pay homage” to king Neptune when you cross the equator. We had to kiss a dead fish, and then get fish guts poured over our heads. –Sorry if this is offensive to anyone– I love the creatures of the sea. Anyways, I didn’t shave my head like many others did, but due to the actions I carried out, I got a certificate that stated that I was initiated into the “Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.” Imperivm Neptvni Regis, at 0 degrees latitude, 55 degrees E Longitude. I’m gonna go look it up on google maps now. Thank you for reminding me!!!

  3. Beautiful! It’s interesting that your view on the fish relates this way. I find the fish is at such peace and contentment, it probably wants to be at this strong anchor and felt protected even though it is out of its comfort zone.

  4. Such a beautiful art piece!! I love it! You should have an exhibition soon! πŸ™‚ Yes, I believe, we are all an evolution of Love, and everyting and everyone in our lives, help us to evolve a little more πŸ™‚ We are in the middle of the drawing so we cannot always see what the lines and dots mean, but one day, we will see, we will fly up to heaven and look down at the beautiful piece of art we have created with our life, and then it will all make sense, and we will see tha shapes and forms created by our words and actions πŸ™‚

  5. Powerful post and comments! Something wonderful is happening here! I had no deep thoughts about the fish on her head other than the confidence that would be needed to stand with a fish on the head… I love the equator story Fiestaestrella…I had no idea😊

  6. yes, it is women’s strength to grow stronger from every problem, even more to create from suffering, like a magician – transform something into something else, valuable to her soul and to the world

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