You are Allowed to Save A Little For Yourself



So the other day, I did something nice for myself. Really nice. Because it was for me and not for someone else, the act required consciousness and awareness. Had the act of kindness been directed towards another person, I would have compulsively done it.

I had planned on blogging about this particular act and how the trumpets of Heaven sounded that I had taken myself into consideration first. And, then, I realized how sad that was. Do I really do and care for myself so little that completing one act for myself warrants a 500 word blog?


This is not how it is supposed to be. Can you imagine God (however you see that to be) creating us in such a manner that we don’t even notice or care for ourselves in kind, compassionate, and loving ways? From where did we get the self-sacrificing, I must give, give, give mantra that so many of us follow in life?

The image of a squirrel came to me for my art work. I drew it, but rather than a nut, the squirrel is holding a vesica pisces (union).

In this image, the squirrel is “hoarding” the light of the sun shown by the vesica pisces. The squirrel is boldly hanging on to this piece, keeping it for itself.

The squirrel is not worried about giving it back or taking “too much”, as I tend to do.

In fact, they say a squirrel only uses about 10% of the nuts it hides. Some would say this is wasteful and an oversupply for the self.

Nature does not see it this way. The nuts the squirrel does not use are primed and ready to give life in a different way as they may germinate into seedlings.

Where we may fear we are taking too much and be driven compulsively to give, the balance of Nature shows us a different story.

There is enough light for each of us. And the energetic exchange of life manifests in a number of beautiful, balanced ways. Part of that balance is that we are willing to give, yes, but the blessing is also in that we are willing to receive and take. Only then is the cycle complete.

Any abundance of love, hope, and compassion you have received is not wasted. You are allowed to hang onto it and “hoard” it for yourself. THink of the squirrel and all of its “wasted” nuts waiting to become trees. The same will emerge from your accepting of the love bestowed upon you.

13 thoughts on “You are Allowed to Save A Little For Yourself

  1. There was a time in my life when I didn’t put myself first. Then I heard someone say, “The most important person in this room is sitting in your chair.” That was my awakening that I deserved the best, the light, the power. All was suddenly open for me. I had to learn it was ok to take good care of me and put me first. Not being selfish, but just first.

  2. Great post….and I can SO relate to this. It is has only been the last 5 years or so that I have really started treating myself to things, such as pedicures, that are not necessities!! Kim

  3. I had to chuckle at the vision of the trumpets of heaven sounding at your act of self-care! I think they do that for me too…hence the abundance of silence…I’ll be listening for them now, and if I know it’s not for me, I’ll know it’s you…great post and I love the hoarding squirrel๐Ÿ’›

  4. I really like that as I have felt deeply guilty to have so many times in my life and I now realizes that has cut me from my natural flow of abundance. Basically the belief engrained in me was that I could not have because other people did not… Thanks to you for this blog, it gave me keys and opened doors ! So grateful !

    • I had not thought about it in this way- but I have so been there! I did not think I deserved anything if other people did not first have everything. thank you for this insight.

  5. It was a hard concept for me to understand – but there is more than enough in the Universe. There is more than enough light, more than enough money, more than enough love, more than enough of everything to go around. It’s okay for us to take some for ourselves!

  6. Doubly good, like the squirrel whose hoarding generates trees, your post about doing good for yourself gives us the example of what we could be doing for ourselves, more consciously and more frequently.

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