When A Woman Steps out Like this…Do Not Cross Her Steps

Stepping Out

Stepping Out

I have bid your wishes for much too long. I kept silent when I should have spoken truth.
You colored my world in shades of grey and insisted in no uncertain terms that I see a rainbow-spectrum of color.

But, now, I am woman – with a voice. A voice I am finding surprisingly at my command.
It was something I thought I had lost. You know, those vocal folds in the larynx seemed to me to be ends of a puppet string controlled by another.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I was the puppet master.

What may be unleashed from deep inside when the glottis finally opens?

Wouldn’t you like to know?
The image obviously speaks to a woman who steps out into a new way of being. When change comes into a woman’s life, I like to think the progression goes something like this-
Uterus first, her seat of creation. Then the heart and all its belief in the Self, and then finally the Mind comes along for the ride, but it is not until the Voice, that sweet, sweet voice that is all her own, opens itself wide that she finally steps to the other side.

Some may expect the journey destination must be a known entity. She would tell you otherwise. Her travels are one of discovery. Only now her feet have grown that she easily gets to the other side.

I see so many woman bloggers who are finding that their voices are under their command in both written and spoken form. When a woman has hit her stride, I would say do not cross her steps, for she is on a journey to the other side. Amen.


15 thoughts on “When A Woman Steps out Like this…Do Not Cross Her Steps

  1. This brought the words to an old song to mind…”I am woman, hear me roar”…Helen Reddy. I grew up with empowering music-now it has quite a different meaning! I so appreciate seeing women find their voices…it is beautiful!šŸ’œ

  2. Beautifully expressed and something I can totally identify with: I have found my voice on here and and am now working on reproducing that sound in ‘reality’ xxx

  3. Reblogged this on ALIEN AURA'S BLOG: IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND! and commented:
    This beautiful piece, written by Kimberly Harding of Soul Healing Art, spoke profoundly to me (as many of her posts do) and should, in my opinion be read by all women (and men) whose voices have been ‘lost’. The image made me well up with tears.

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