When “Hiding” is no Longer an Option- Embracing a “New You”

Scarab and the Hyena

Scarab and the Hyena

Once upon a time there was a laughing hyena. Only it didn’t laugh any more. Labeled as “evil” when all it had been doing was surviving, it went into hiding.

But God was not done with the hyena and changed its color so it could not longer blend into its surroundings.

The palette God chose was of one of boldness, easily detected across the miles.

So, the hyena emerged. Knowing hiding was no longer an option. At once, loving its new style but still living in fear.

God realized the hyena was in denial, so sent a scarab to scurry across its view.

And the hyena understood- it had the ability to choose to embrace its newly appointed style.

Hyenas represent individual discernment and instincts. The scarab is a potent symbol of cosmic awareness. They often appear at crossroads.

You can continue to be the individual in hiding. But, be aware. If you do enough personal work and prayer, like the hyena, your colors are likely to change in such a way that hiding is no longer possible.

You can embrace your new colors or deny the change- the scarab simply shows, God is watching and waiting for you to choose.

I know from many comments I receive that so many of you are in the middle of substantial changes, embracing a new form of yourself. I hope this image and writing helps. We do all this work on personal growth, change our colors, if you will, and then there can be moments when we still want to hide.

Love your new way of being. Embrace it. The changes have already begun. You can no longer deny the “new You” that you have become.


12 thoughts on “When “Hiding” is no Longer an Option- Embracing a “New You”

  1. Love this, and like the other comments, it really resonates. I am adjusting to my new colors and some of this even showed up in last night’s dream. 😉

    Just read your bio and you have such a fascinating array of skills and interests.

    thanks for doing what you do,

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