The Injured Writer Returns

Big Shoes

Big Shoes

So the other day I was doing something and ended up injuring my shoulder. I am not sure what did it exactly. But I am finding out that some of the workout activities I participate in should be labeled as “Things that were Appropriate before Age 40”, otherwise known as, “Things that should Never be Tried Again”.

Anyway, I tweaked my shoulder and impinged a nerve. After a few days in sling, we are on the way to mending. I could not type during that time, so if I have not commented on some of your awesome blogs for a bit, that is why.

During this downtime, I had some interesting opportunities presented to me- one of them being a new position at work.

Injuries and illness are wonderful times for self-reflection. I am not even being sarcastic as I write that. THere is something about the slowing down that injuries/illness impose upon us that cause us to see things for a different perspective.

Decisions had to be made during this time and I made them. I turned my back on one path for now, and chose another. And it made me think of the picture on top.

We all walk our own paths and sometimes we have big dreams we want to fulfill. I see this picture and I think to myself, “If you want to walk a big path, well then, you are going to need big shoes.”

None of us ever know how our decisions will turn out. But I think in each of us, there is a place that longs to grow and dream and achieve.

We many not fill out our big shoes yet, but we need to trust, we will grow into them.


16 thoughts on “The Injured Writer Returns

  1. So sorry for your injury, Kimberly! I’ve dealt with trying to do the things I used to do, and been right where you are. But getting knocked down for a bit is a good time for reflection (if we’re disciplined enough to do it!).

  2. Hope you are feeling better and I get your before 40 comment lol! This post really hit the mark for me and I am certain for many others. I have been making many decisions lately based on dreaming bigger and them stepping up when openings present themselves. It is scary as hell but worth it . Maybe I need to go shoe shopping 🙂

    xx Linda

  3. hope you are on the mend! age appropriate never ends, it just continues to present itself differently! slowly down and reflecting is always a good thing…doing it myself these days, any decision made is done with the circumstances of and at any given time. rest and renewal!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I’m sorry to hear that you were experiencing pain. Oh, nerve pain is weird and hurts!

    Your painting made me giggle about how Real it is to see big shoes on your feet and then to try and walk in em. a great message of faith and commitment to the path you are currently on -pain and all as part of it. take care, love, ka ❤

  5. Great post and analogy. It does sometimes seems we dream bigger than our ability, but we stretch and grow. So glad we do – we’re riding on the leading edge of the Universe! 🙂

  6. “If you want to walk a big path, well then, you are going to need big shoes.” What a helpful image this is for me, as I write my first book. No wonder I’m worried about stumbling! Onward, dear feet. Worry not, even if you stumble, you’ll regain your footing again. Best wishes to you, Kimberly!

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