This is What the Fox did Say Along the Way

Lost and Found Lost and Found

We stumble in darkness.
We know we are lost but can not decide how to be found.
We follow a path and double back around.

We use a blind’s man touch to feel
and know we are being the fool.

The Soul is magnetized
and somehow our compass must become aligned

to the Spiritual Signal of the Divine.
Where we were lost. Now we are found.


I am not sure what is happening with my art. These animal creatures becoming a part of it. I dreamed of a fox and I read my favorite animal totem blogs to no avail. What did this little guy have to say?

So I drew him. His picture worth a thousand words and he, crafty as he is, found my heart that had been hidden. Sly in his ways so not to disturb the overlaying structure of grass and vegetation that I had used to cover my true light.

“How had you found me?” I asked the Fox. And was lead to the following article.

And the Fox simply said, “I was following the magnetic pull of your Soul.”

I had been lost, but now I was found. I had never been forsaken. Be still my Heart so that I may not lose my way again.

I wrote this because I sometimes feel some people believe that they are so lost that they have been forsaken. You have not been forsaken, you simply became lost and you will find your heart again.


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