Where you are Wounded, You will find the energy to Heal

Each, It's Opposite

Each, It’s Opposite

Each thing in this life contains its opposite.

Thus, where you are most injured and hurt, you contain the equal, proportional energy to heal.

You must, if possible, be able to see beyond the wound into the healing energy contained within it.

And if you need an image to help you with this, think of the yin-yang symbol. The black contains the white, the white contains the black and these will shift and emerge until their positions are reversed, reminding us that no entity exists only in the stable, surface manner that we first perceive.

Each contains its opposite.

You can heal where you are most wounded, for the energy of healing is already present with this wound.


I recently experienced this in a Reiki appointment I had. I had never met this therapist. After 90 minutes, she said to me, “I was constantly drawn to your throat chakra. What are you not saying that should be said?”

I shut my throat chakra long, long ago. It tends to be a requirement for abuse survivors. ALL abuse requires the keeping of secrets, so the throat chakra closes.

She also said to me, “But your pelvic area, it is so open and on fire. I wanted to ask you several times if you were pregnant.”

I told her I was not pregnant but did kundalini yoga. She simply smiled and said, “That explains it! But I really worry about your throat area.”

Since then, I have focused on the throat chakra. And it has begun to open. In a frightening way. (Those with closed throat chakras often keep them closed out of fear. They worry they may say or do something that may hurt another or reveal a “secret”. )

Let me tell you on a particular night in which the ex-wife pushed one too many times. I opened my throat chakra and let it rip (not at her, she is not worth the time) but I let out my feelings. ANd it was one of the most beautiful/ugly things I had witnessed in some time.

Swear words came out of my mouth that I did not know I knew and the creative way they were strung together was both alarming and admirable. At the end of it, as the words hung in the air, and I could feel the air rush past my open throat, I knew I was alive and I was o.k.

I said what I felt and this is key —NO ONE DIED. I shut my throat down years ago out of fear of what may happen if I really said what I felt. No more.

Where I have been wounded, I have the power to heal.

Healing Snake

Healing Snake

I did this picture years ago. It’s called “Healing Snake”. what I love after my recent experience is the energy in the “pelvic” region and the energy in the “throat” region.

Where you are wounded, the energy to heal is also present.


9 thoughts on “Where you are Wounded, You will find the energy to Heal

  1. I was very connected with you as you were discussing your art and the yin-yang symbol, which was my first tattoo, to help me remember to be in balance. Loved it!

    Then I was rooting you on through your therapy and then I died laughing at your description of when your throat chakra opened! I’m so glad that you expressed yourself in that moment! And I’m glad that you were able to see that it didn’t hurt you!

  2. Amazing, honest and powerful post. Your life and breath energy comes through, expressing such truth. Inspiring! It offers great hope of healing to those who have suffered. Thanks for letting your Light shine, Kim. 🙂

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