Does Blogging make You Smarter?

God's Vision

God’s Vision

Yes, yes, yes!

I believe we all walk our paths in life but none of us are above needing a helping hand in our travels.

As I have read comments, the trail of insightful “crumbs” so many of you leave for me on this blog, I am at once touched and humbled.

And I wonder, how is it you see me so well through a few paragraphs? How did you get so smart?

And I wonder further, as we have discussed that writing is so helpful to healing the mind and helping one gain new insights and awarenesses, that if the solitude and concentration required to read someone’s blog does not lead to the same leaps in awareness and integration. And in doing so, makes us all a bit “smarter”.

For so many of the comments I have received demonstrate a level and depth of understanding about me and some situational dynamics in my life that I would argue those I see in my personal life on a regular basis would struggle to attain.

Is it something about having to actually read the words that we finally understand another? Is there something about not sitting across someone, thinking of one’s return comment, that allows everything to be heard?

Does the act of reading and interpreting bind our brains in a different way than simply speaking? And in this binding of the brain, do new connections form and our ability to assess and interpret grow with it?

Writing, reading, listening, interpreting, assessing, understanding our own lives and the lives of others. Words spiraling on the page-given and received.

And in the spiraling revolution, I truly believe we do become a bit smarter along the way.



23 thoughts on “Does Blogging make You Smarter?

  1. I believe this is so true, Kimberly, that we DO get smarter by blogging. I believe my own knowledge of self is coming from reading others stories, posts, comments. I find it so easy to see in them what I couldn’t in myself until I go through that process (and then discovery). It’s pretty great! Thanks for bringing that up today!

  2. Your post is very intriguing to me. I think that there’s something about connecting through writing that is uniquely cerebral, and yet also helps us build our capacities for communicating in relationships. We use words to build bridges when we comment. It’s only been a couple of years that I’ve been blogging, and I find that the community aspect of interrelating brings so much expansion to my regular thinking processes.

    • THank you for mentioning your “regular thinking processes” at the end of your comments. That is what I have found most surprising- how blogging has changed many of my thoughts, well beyond those contained on my blog.

      • You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ I paused when writing “regular thinking,” as to double-check. “What do I mean by that?” I asked myself. I didn’t have an answer to that question but I chose to proceeded with it. Glad that I did. Thank you for letting me know.

  3. I work hard to be as accurate as I can possibly be in my writing, and that takes time. Perhaps the luxury of being able to think through and really craft what you want to say is allowing you to communicate more effectively with other bloggers rather than with those who are right in front of you. Our world is so hurry, hurry. It’s a wonder we can think straight about anything!

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  5. I think we do “listen” better when we are reading because we are more passive, our brains aren’t preparing to respond immediately. Our responses can be more thoughtful and heartfelt. So yes, I would say that is ‘smarter!’

  6. Beautiful post….I have had similar thoughts. I wonder if we are more honest about the deeper aspects of our lives in our blogs than we are in our daily lives, and therefore offer other bloggers more insights into our souls that we do with the people with whom we we share our daily lives. I too have learned much from other people’s blogs and from their comments on mine. Kim

    • Hi, I do wonder if we are more honest or perhaps also more direct on our blog than in personal conversations. There is something about writing that requires us to cut through all the junk and get to our core point. I feel this is a gift we give each other- the ability to see and be seen through our words.

  7. Of course it does! The pen is like a magic wand, don’t you think? Its almost like one ‘whirls words’ onto paper…You’re painting to me, demonstrates the whole whirling action of words ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice day! Thank you for the post…

  8. I am going to just go with you 100% and trust that blogging makes me smarter! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I do also have to agree that we all are touching each others lives and seeing more of each other than I think the author expects!

    • I agree with you that no one expects to be “seen” so well in the blogging world. You simply can’t hide when you are putting your words out there again and again.

  9. It allows me to unload the clutter from my brain and have others pick through it to help separate the trash. So I feel better through blogging…is clarity intelligence?

  10. oh… this happens to be a favorite wondering of mine… I’ll just summarize where it takes me…
    Information is coded into DNA โ€“ more exposure to information makes more entries into the DNA โ€“ the DNA being then may categorize and simplify and so on and communicate the information in summary adding and so on into it and thus change the DNA of many othersโ€ฆ that is the teacher. The student is anyone that is receiving. Accepting is the means that constructs the information in the student. Thus, each student may in their DNA have different information โ€“ you probably know the โ€œwhisper down the laneโ€ outcome (

    Information is then more real as is the brain that interprets it more real as the information aligns perception with more actual (more true) realityโ€ฆ eventually interctingin others for changes that they are accepting; perceptions/beliefs evolve; possibly to recall source.

    • Oh, how I love your comments!!! Yes, you are so right- information is encoded into our DNA. the more information we are exposed to, the more entries into the DNA. Love, love, love this.!

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