God’s Love for Us…I hope this touches you as it did me

Pelican Love

Pelican Love

Continuing on with my current theme of creating the art and then figuring out what it means- I made this image of a pelican.

For several days an image of a pelican sweeping up a heart from the waters had been on my mind.

I rejected it completely. I thought it was a disturbing image. Who would like to picture his or her heart taken from the depths by a pelican?

The call to create this image came repeatedly so I thought I would humor myself.

And then I looked up the symbolic meaning of the Pelican and I understood what a gift I had been given.

Some of you may be familiar with the symbolic meaning of the Pelican. I was not.

Can you imagine my sense of love and connection when I read the Pelican is an early Christian symbol for the sacrifice of Christ?

The myth surrounding the Pelican (pre-dating Christianity) is that in order to feed her young so they would survive, the Mother Pelican pierces her own flesh to feed her children from her blood. Other legends have the young Pelicans already dead, but the Mother’s blood revives them.

I am not sure what your view of God is. Some days I am not even sure of my own view. But when I receive a gift such as this- an image of a heart being pulled from the depths by a bird with a history of representing the love of Christ, I am humbled.

Not by my artistic greatness- ha! But how God’s love (however you define that) finds us and holds us and speaks to us in messages that only we may understand.

God will always finds a way to express love to us- again and again and again.

To distribute this message God will choose any and all venues- even a middle-aged woman in central Colorado with some old pastels- so that we would finally come to understand that we are love and we are loved.

May you picture you own heart, rescued from the depths, cradled by the Pelican.


19 thoughts on “God’s Love for Us…I hope this touches you as it did me

    • Thank you so much. I always think of you when you comment. I know you have the one blog associated with your family- do you have any other blog pages? I always think you have so much to give. I was just wondering.

      • thank you Kim! I really love your work. I love ancient cultures and learning how ‘they’ thought. No I don’t have another blog…but I just found the world of…

        thanks for ‘thinking’ about me!

  1. I get ideas in a similar way – not pictures
    Often they just continue for a few days while I wonder – what and why and how and so forth

    Reading this, I appreciate more the inner feelings of creating

    Blessings Kim;
    ~ Eric

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