The Darkest Times are Touched by God’s Love



You think your life is too much for God.
Do you think you have created too much chaos
or lived in the darkness too long
for God to come and save you?

God’s answer to you would be “Never”
for God created in the blackness of nothing
and managed to produce light.

To touch a life with grace and love,
to cut the darkest night with brilliance
is not a challenge for your God.

Fun, little picture. Totally off the cuff as I had a few minutes. Actually made it on some purple construction paper we had laying around.

I look at it and I like it. I think April was rough month for many and in the darkest of times we can feel as if we are losing our bearings. But Light is never deterred nor is the sense of evolution and creation.

The darkest times are touched by God’s love.


12 thoughts on “The Darkest Times are Touched by God’s Love

  1. “for God created in the blackness of nothing” That is inspired right there! It is so easy to get lost in the darkness, but we just have to remember that God created in that blackness, and the Universe will provide us light. Sometimes we just have to look.

  2. In dark times, I try to remember that it is the contrast that increases my appreciation of the Light. We grow more when challenged, than not. A plant buffeted by wind will be stronger and have deeper roots than one sheltered in a greenhouse.

  3. I love the drawing. For me its a tornado touching down, and the eye of the storm. Or is it the watchful eye of the Source? I think the latter.

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