We all have a Flight Plan from Heaven

Flight Plan

Flight Plan

Thanks to everyone who provided words of encouragement/prayers based on my last postings. You truly have helped so much.

I have had only a few minutes to create a piece of art. Continuing on in my current fashion of “artist with no beginning image”, I just created some free form lines.

And, I saw the shape of a bird emerge and I added the spiral, because I felt like it. I converted the spiral into a snake-shape to represent kundalini energy. Only after, did I smack myself in the head, thinking “I drew the kundalini energy ‘wrong’. Kundalini energy rises upwards, not downwards. Now I have messed up the image.”

But when I looked again, I realized this was depicting the energy of Heaven entering each of us. And because it was a bird that had appeared in my picture, I thought of this energy of Heaven entering it to be its flight plan.

We each have a flight plan downloaded from Heaven within our forms. We may not always understand the plan but it does not mean the plan is not present.

And it reminds us that our plan is not for another to tell us. We each have a personal link with Heaven and this is our path.

It became very important to me to understand the bird I had drawn as I love animal totems. I researched doves and quails and neither of these resonated. I kept thinking “hen”, but that did not feel right either. Finally, I thought- oh, it’s a prairie hen, otherwise known as a grouse. And, then I found this writing:

“When the spirit animal of Grouse begins to work with you as a totem, you will be learning lessons that entail understanding and connecting to the Sacred Spiral….Grouse medicine can be imagined like a whirlpool or tornado with the spiral taking one to the center. Going to the center will allow for a personal vision or enlightenment of some kind.”

I pray that everyone comes to embrace the Sacred Spiral within each of us. A flight plan from Heaven so that our Spirits may learn to fly.

13 thoughts on “We all have a Flight Plan from Heaven

  1. I think I get as much from your words of encouragement as from your art. That’s not a criticism by any means – I just love what you write. I sometimes consider myself (ok – always consider myself) just not able to ‘get’ artwork. But I get words and the words you give are classy.

  2. What a wonderful teaching you’ve shared — to express yourself, to trust yourself, and to express & trust Heaven’s flight plan.

  3. yes, I see the grouse… so you are out of the whale and roaming near a nest on the prairie… but you have wings now to ascend to the source of these visions – first you may want to dance since this is the traditional pastime of the grouse … its getting really interesting here Kimberly.
    ~ Eric

  4. How wonderful life enfolds Kim… and this unique flight plan that YOU put in place within your human self is what you, me and each individual is awakening to now… (I see the flags flying high as more and more human hearts are awakening to their magnificent self… getting ready to create together the most loving and magnificent world that as yet we cannot imagine…) Barbara x

  5. What a beautiful image and explanation! I saw a Spruce Grouse yesterday while hiking in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. My research into what kind of bird I had seen and what it might mean led me here. How cool it is that your spontaneous artwork is a visual representation of the spiritual meaning of grouse!

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