Hello, Your Awakening is at the Door

Buddha Awakening

Buddha Awakening

Several of you have commented that this time of transformation is not limited to the individual, but rather is more cosmic on its level. I would agree.

The little image began as a free form. I drew the red line and thought it looked like a stem and leaves. And then I thought, what if leaves had eyes- what would they see?

You can see where it went from there- two leaves became literal eyes and the 3rd leaf became the 3rd eye- the center of our awareness.

We do not always choose when we will awaken or what we will awaken to. We can always choose to put conscious effort into our lives each moment to set the framework for such awakening to occur.

I pictured this “man” image showing up at my door and saying, “Hello, Your awakening is here.”

I will take that in the literal sense- my awakening is here and now, as is yours.

I can only imagine the blessings that will unfold for you, as you step into new found awareness. I believe it will be like my drawing-

suddenly, you will be able to “see” everything.

I wish you well on this journey. Your awakening is, truly, here.


11 thoughts on “Hello, Your Awakening is at the Door

  1. I feel we are constantly in ‘moments of awakening’ and unfolding. Awareness deepens and accelerates that process – it’s a beautiful thing! Nothing but the creator’s love, pure and simple! πŸ™‚

  2. I really like your painting of the plant with eyes. I was really struck by this post and the fact that you actually wrote “what if leaves had eyes” because yesterday, for Earth day, I wrote an article about how the photoreceptor of plants (chlorophyll) and our photoreceptors in our eyes (rhodopsin) are more similar than we think.

    anyway, thank you for your daily posts, I look forward to reading them every day! diane

    • Hi Diane, So glad you wrote. I am a scientist so loved, loved the chlorophyll/rhodopsin tie in!! awesome link and wish I had thought of it:) I checked out your blog and it looks awesome. Perhaps I am missing something but did not see a “Follow” link at the top. Do you allow e-mail subscriptions? thanks!

      • Hi Kimberly, wow I didn’t know that! I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. And thanks for letting me know about the link, I didn’t know I didn’t have the follow link. I have added the e-mail subscription for now. Thanks!:)

      • Great! I just posted a comment (has my old image attached b/c I used the wrong e-mail address but if it says its from “Kim”, it’s from me πŸ™‚ ) Liked your piece on insurance.

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