Sometimes, We Don’t Know What we will Hatch Into

Sometimes You Don't Know

Sometimes You Don’t Know

I was not going to post today, believing I had already inundated people enough with my “knowledge and wisdom” these last few days.

I finished this little figure last night and thought “Why not?”

I am not sure if I was picking up the “Easter” vibe and the idea of the Resurrection when I created this image.

I do know many people, including myself, have been going through huge transformations wondering what is next. In some ways, we have lost perhaps some confidence in ourselves as we can’t envision our next steps or who we will be.

I pictured us in our respective lives like eggs awaiting to hatch. We are inside our current lives (eggs) nice and safe. It’s warm in this place, and we like to think we are surrounded by a shell of protection (although we fool ourselves with this thought, when we realize just how fragile an egg shell needs to be).

The impetus for life though is growth, and although we may not know what is next- the impulse of life is to hatch.

And we truly have no solid idea, much like the chicken or duck, of what exactly we are hatching into.

I like to believe we will continue to hatch into our greatness, that there is a crown sitting on top of that egg, a bit askew, but waiting, never the less, for our head to emerge.


19 thoughts on “Sometimes, We Don’t Know What we will Hatch Into

  1. I am so happy that you decided to post this today! 🙂 I love the art work!! You are so good with colors! Hope you had a lovely Easter! (or I guess still having where you are 🙂 ) Lots of Love! 🙂

  2. Sometimes I find that the fear of change is so much worse than the change itself, but that fear, even though I know it is irrational, can hold me back. I’ve been working on not being afraid of the unknown – and this artwork is a great representation of that for me – I’m glad you decided “why not” and when ahead and did it!

  3. I’m glad you posted today as well Kim! I see a jauntiness with the crown on this egg. May you continue your journey of discovery and breaking out of your shell 🙂

  4. I’m glad I am looking over some of the past few days blog posts or I would have missed this little “gem”! I love the little crown. I just want to put that little egg in my pocket. It makes me smile 🙂

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