In Life, It is not the Destination that Changes

From the Depths

From the Depths

As you move through a passage of transformation, you do not always get to choose what you take with you.
Life is not the TSA with an approved list of things you can pack.

In life, we often seek a new “destination” in a metaphorical sense. So many are driven by the sense of possible change. We desire a a new life, a more balanced, healthier way of being. I include myself with these seekers.

Yet, too often, when I envision this “new” life, I picture traveling into this space as I am now. The landscape of my life, in my mind, will change into something represented like some picture on an esoteric travel brochure touting a destination point filled with light and love.

And, I will be the traveler who has carried all my current luggage and bags to this new landscape, as if these items will be needed.

The landscape around me will have changed, yet I see the same ol’ Kim, as I am on April 19th, 2014 in this new place.

This type of thinking is the complete a** backwards approach to how change will actually manifest in my life.

If I am to travel anywhere into a new life and new way of being, it will be I who will change.

My boss will still be the same. My work environment is unlikely to change. My stepchildren are not going to magically transform.

But, I, Kim, will change – and that one idea, will literally change everything in my world.

I know so many of you are seeking changes in your lives right now. Please, be smarter than I am. When you pray for change, pray for the change within you.

Bow your head and say simply “Please, whatever shifts are needed in my life, let them begin with me, internally. Let me feel the energy within myself arise in a new way, so that when I step into the life I am seeking, I am blessed with knowing, I have arrived as a new being.”

I created this art in response to a prompt from someone. It is called “Reaching” and I consider it a picture of rising up from the depths of our Beings, perhaps from places very, very dark, and reaching up to grab our light in this world.

I hope you feel this way today.


19 thoughts on “In Life, It is not the Destination that Changes

  1. Another post meant for me 🙂 Yesterday I went looking for “something.” I I looked at other housing, different areas of the cities that might “feel” better–even though I live in a nice home in a nice area. After a few hours I felt only depression. Driving home, the realization of what you wrote in the post hit me.The unsettledness is within ME. I didn’t really know what to do with that knowledge. But today, reading your words “whatever shifts are needed in my life, let them begin with me, internally” I have the answer. Thank you. (Your art today certainly does represent beautiful light and hope.)

    • Wow! I am so glad my posting resonated. I have so been in your situation- looking, looking, looking and wondering what was wrong with me that nothing felt “right”. I, then, realized- it is me that is being inspired to change. And we will change, won’t we? And no matter where we live or what outwardly stays the same, we will have changed and that will make all the difference. I am cheering you on! as our journeys continue 🙂

  2. These words are exactly what I needed today. I’ve been toying with the idea of change – wondering about fate, predestination, scripts that are written and played out. Wanting to make changes in my life, to change my script, losing sight that ‘wherever you go there you still are’. Refocus back to the self where real and lasting change is. I printed your prayer and its going to stay with me for awhile. Thank you 🙂

    • thanks!! I needed that prayer to work its way into my Heart and to trust that I will change and the rest will be taken care of. 🙂 I wish you the best on your journey of change.

  3. Kim I think I’m in the exact same season of transformation as you. I’ve been praying for change in me not knowing what that change would look like. Now I’m seeing the first glimpses of what that might look like. While I was in the throws of the death of one dream and before I could see the new one on the horizon God spoke a scripture to my heart that helped me hold on.

    Job 42:12 The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part.

    God used the outward changes of events to get to my heart and produce a transformation to greater magnitudes than I could imagine.

    • Oh, this is so beautiful. Yes, it does seem we are in a similar state of transformation. What a touching line of scripture. We truly never know what is in store for us, do we? We only must believe we are stepping into the beautiful horizon and we will be taken care of.

  4. Hi Kim; Wise insight….a wise woman in my life has been encouraging me to use the mantra: “I am willing to change” as a prayer for guidance in my life. Kim

  5. Another perspective to this is that when we DO need to shift and actually travel somewhere else, we may not need all the same luggage we have been carrying. Sometimes, we think we can’t let go of things, when the reality is that letting go of unnecessary stuff is the best way to find clarity and resolve for reaching our destination.

  6. When we change within, we find that the reflection around us changes to, the human may not like it but when we understand that our IAM presence is pushing us forward to our most perfect position to be… we can allow ourself to go through these changes with ease and grace… trusting ourself implicitly… take care Kim, Barbara

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