Shattered- Blogging What you Need to Hear

View from Above

View from Above

What happened to me and my intact self?
I believed I was indestructible, and now I see pieces of me rolling on the floor.

I count them- the pieces-to reassure myself.
To my delight, nothing has been lost.

Perched on my post of awareness
I see my pieces are simply seeking a new arrangement.

I almost pray in tears having to trust in the between
state of being taken apart and being put back together with Heart.

That I, unlike Humpty Dumpty, and without those helpful King’s men,
will be put back together again.

There are times in each of our lives that despite the best preparation, the most awesome awareness, the most insightful insights, we feel a bit torn apart by situations. We lose our balance and almost stumble, reaching for something solid within our psyche to give us encouragement and heart.

We do not even know what to say to ourselves to keep going. And this is where blogging can come in. We are stronger than any situational limitation that confronts us. Truly, we are. Our blogs show us this. I do not know how exactly, but my blog tells me what I need to hear.

Asked to simply think about situations on my own, I would fail to find vocabulary. Put the blank posting page in front of me, though, and my Spirit sees its openings and writes and writes some more. Always winking back at me with “Are you listening? Are you listening?”

I realize what a gift I have been given. The writing is never about finding answers- it’s all about simply understanding.

This art is very important to me. On the post in the center is a basic symbol used for a pine cone (these have been appearing in my dreams). Pinecones symbolize our pineal gland, 3rd eye- our most insightful awareness. My pineal gland sits above this current situation I am in.

The pineal gland witnesses the pieces of me- which are round, colored balls – representing my chakras. Yes, they feel separated right now. I am not sure who I am. But, the strength in this image stands. There is lightness and hope in the picture and I am blessed with not only hearing, but seeing, what I need to understand.

i don’t know if anyone is feeling as I am today- but I hope the words and images give you some hope 🙂


26 thoughts on “Shattered- Blogging What you Need to Hear

  1. Love the blog and love the art that goes with it. All very creative. I’ve been where all my parts have fallen apart. Twice, they scattered very far. But always they have come back. It’s interesting to me watching the pieces re-assemble in a new pattern.

  2. I felt this way recently, so thank you for this post. You are so right Kimberly when you say it is about understanding.

    You know how they say talking about problems / issues etc helps us? That may be true but it actually isn’t AS effective as writing about it, research shows. The very act of organising our thoughts into written structure, and the analysis that this entails, helps us make sense of and come to term with things that trouble us.

    • I am not surprised that research shows that writing is more effective than talking. Writing, as you point out, really pushes us to structure, organize, and analyze what is happening. IF we did not do this, we could not write with any sense of coherence.

  3. Kimberly, your post is a gift to me today. All you wrote is what I have felt, feel, will feel. Thank you for putting it all in perspective so I don’t need to catastrophize over it. I especially loved “I see my pieces are simply seeking a new arrangement.” I love visualizing that. I love the art you were moved to create–the small pine cone so lovely. Thank you. ♥

    • Such sweetness in your words. I can tell by your work that you have felt this at times. it can be so scary when we feel we have “lost” ourselves. But, there is always hope, and our pieces are always being rearranged.

  4. I think we all have times like these. I hate it when I can’t find the words, especially, the ‘right’ words. However, sometimes we say more, when we just let it out and don’t worry about the words. Well done. 🙂

  5. Yesterday was my fracture-day, many women I know have felt “a bit off” lately. Celestial, eclipse, season’s changing, collective consciousness from insane world events, who knows? But it definitely feels like ‘something’ is going on. The good thing about coming apart is the chance to put yourself all back together so you’re even better than before. 🙂

    • Yes. Eliza, I am so glad you often speak to the broader energy. There are major shifts in the air- for everyone. I enjoy (in some ways) the sense of dismantling and the potential it speaks to.

  6. The writing is about understanding…my words come out stronger and more clear when writing. It helps to make some sort of order of the thoughts and ideas that make their home in my mind..Great post!💛AoA

  7. I have to say that this post speaks volumes to me. I’ve written mostly about events in my life and some of my feelings about it, but today was the first time that I have posted anything concerning where I am today as far as digging deeper is concerned. Thank you for posting this, you put it beautifully. ❤

  8. Great post Kim
    ‘Pinecones symbolize our pineal gland, 3rd eye- our most insightful awareness.’ ….how very interesting!

    some years ago David gave me, as one of our 12 nights of Yule gift exchanges, a ornament of a gold pinecone! I’ve always loved it and had it hanging over my computer desk. When I moved into my current apartment, I created a ‘god corner’ and that pine cone now hangs high up, in the corner, of the god corner.

    we all have moments of being unbalanced but as long as we are ‘aware’ it won’t take long to get balanced again.

    • Oh, my- you are so, so spiritually connected, aren’t you? You resonated with this item so strongly, before you even knew what it represented. The fact that it was”hanging above” your computer desk and now hangs above your “god corner” is so symbolic. it is “seeing” everything from its advantage point. Blessing to you.

  9. Beautiful post….This is how I approach blogging as well; as a place to check in with myself; to explore feelings that can be pushed down all week through the busy-ness of life; as a place to express what I am feeling in the hopes of finding some understand myself. Kim

    • Oh, I am so glad you related. There is something about blogging that is so internal, yet at the same time, it gets us out of our minds. We are able to “see” what we are thinking.

  10. Similar to our art being the expression of our soul; our IAM presence, blogging is our inspiration in form… we feel whole, loved by the part of ourself that is ALL, that is LOVE itself… Take care Kimberly, it feels as if you are going through the ‘stage of awakening’ when old ancestral patterns are coming up to be released… making space for our light body to take it’s rightful place in conscious awareness within… Barbara

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