The Cost of Fearing the Harvests of our Lives

Fear of Harvest

Fear of Harvest

Why do we sow the seeds that we sow and then fear the harvest?
I have seen many people, my self included, who plant to the most beautiful seeds. And then cultivate, watch over and care for these seeds.

By seeds I mean the personal work these people undertake. They are working to recover from abuse, addiction, limited mindsets and more. They do their work. They read their books, they write their stories, doggedly pushing along for insights and awareness.

They weed their minds, mining for negative, intrusive thoughts that threaten to strangle their growth.

And then the seed sprouts. New opportunities begin to appear. Seedlings push through seeking light and we are still ok at that point. A seedling isn’t that threatening after all. It could be anything.

And as these new opportunities appear we embrace them. We watch the seedling go a bit farther as it flowers and blooms and we are struck by its beauty.

But then we get stuck. We sowed and we grew- and now we need to harvest. The harvest is the embracing of all your hard work and the acknowledgment on the physical plane that you brought something new into existence and you nurtured it to the point of completion of its cycle.

The harvest is to be the reward of all the hard work. Yet, too many of us fear the harvests of our lives. I do not know why. We do all the work to change, and then we fear to grab hold of the fruits of our labors. We almost, almost, let the fruits die on the vine.

Please don’t do this in your life. If you put in the work to plant and cultivate the seeds, step into the place in which you reap the rewards of your work. Harvest the fruits, believe you deserve this new state of symbolic sustenance.
This art work and writing came about b/c of the book I had finished in February. That was planting a seed in my life, yet I have not embraced the harvest. I wanted to ignore I had done this work and in my mind “just move on”- leaving my plantings to fend for themselves.

My inner artist is the most honest part of me and basically said “No way. You put that seed in the ground and watched it grow. You are not going to leave fruit on the vine.”

Basically, my book has given me some opportunities that I almost passed by. That is, until I did this piece of art. I can tell I have not processed this issue very well by the state of this artistic piece.

But where you are is where you are. So I posted with piece as it is- incomplete and muddied as I continue to work with the idea of my own harvest.

19 thoughts on “The Cost of Fearing the Harvests of our Lives

  1. Love the soft and fuzzy feel of the art. And you are so good at putting into words a story I’d never think of! I would never think about unrealized dreams or a field that I haven’t harvested, yet as I read this it is all so clear! What a great post! Now I have to go think!

    • Thanks for this support. I kept wondering why I was not engaging in reaping the rewards and then I realized, I wasn’t participating in the harvest of my life. Hope all is going well for you!

  2. harvesting takes as much time, energy, patience and rewards as does the initial thoughts, sowing, cultivating, watching, caring…its all part of the process

  3. You mean that the art work is incomplete? But I love it so much!! To me this is one of my favorites of your work! Maybe it was not meant that way but to me this art piece has a very gentle softness to it that really speaks to my heart and soul. I just adore it so much! I just love the soft colors! I felt it right away when I saw it!

  4. This is very thought provoking. I hadn’t thought about the idea of not harvesting the seeds we sow. I know with me I often don’t harvest the fruits because I don’t give myself the time to stop and acknowledge and enjoy what has gone well – partly I suspect because I can be too self-critical and partly because I am too quick to turn to what I think I should do or sow next. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Kimberly for this inspiration on harvesting what we sow. What comes to my mind is that harvest is also symbolic of an ending and letting go. It opens up what comes next … and that can also be scary.
    Val x

  6. It is true of so many of us. When did we learn this and why do we continue to ignore or not accept the fruits of our labor? You always bring up topics that I’ve never seen or thought about before, but once out on the table, change my perspective. Thank you! Happy weekend!

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