Forward! Forward! Forward!…Giving Your Self the Best Chance to Succeed

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

I walk
I walk
I walk
I walk
…so that I may become.

We are all metaphorically walking somewhere. We are moving, even in if just in our minds towards something- a new state of becoming and being. We metaphorically walk and walk and walk in order to be in this state of newness.

This movement is how we are built. If you look at the feet, it is pretty clear they are made primarily for unidirectional movement- forward. Sure, they can participate in lateral movements, and even backwards, but function follows form- so forward it is.

Yet, it seems to be human nature, at times, that we make a few steps forward and then we do a slow slide backwards. We make good/great food choices and feel wonderful and then we eat junk food and wonder why. Or we finally have set firm, solid boundaries with an abusive ex- only to pick up the phone with his or her next call. At work, we may create a functional plan for keeping ahead of timelines and then procrastinate and let it slip.

What is up with this? Why do we oscillate so much? Forward- backward-forward-backward—Our feet are not built this way. We don’t walk upon soles shaped liked rocking chairs.

So how do we get out of this pendulum-like quality to our actions?

We decide, consciously, to focus on our last place of success. You see, when we oscillate back and forth- not only do we lose forward momentum, but we feel like we need to build from our most recent/lowest point- our last failure, i.e. our last “bad” meal, the most unproductive work day, etc.

Do NOT use this approach. If you want to gain momentum and move forward in your life- think and remember your last point of success in whatever endeavor concerns you. Maybe it was the last time you successfully ignored your ex- or the last time you performed great at work.

Whatever it is, build from that last success. That is your most forward point and you want to move on from that point into further forward momentum. Do not get caught up in the drama of your last failure and how far you have fallen. It doesn’t matter.

You are looking to move ahead further than ever before- that means you must build up and forward from your last success.

Forward, forward, forward…keep believing in your next step beyond your last success.


8 thoughts on “Forward! Forward! Forward!…Giving Your Self the Best Chance to Succeed

  1. Wonderful thoughts!
    even with the best intentions for ourselves, there are times when we come ‘short’ of our plan…just don’t stay there is what, I feel, you are saying here…

    reminds me of an old wisdom…you are only as good as your last show…so improve it, learn from it, think on it and don’t rest on your failures or laurels…keep moving, going, exploring, investigating and on and on and on, we are different every second of every day and every second we have the opportunity to go forward!

  2. Excellent blog. I believe what you are saying is 100% true. I have found in the last 30 years that my life is three feet forward and two backwards. Over time, however, those backward steps are not as big and easier to recover from. Forward, absolutely, we must if we are to find peace and contentment.

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