Your Heart Triumphs Your Fears

Heart Triumphs

Heart Triumphs

Perhaps it is the fact we are in the middle of renal lectures now in my class that I was inspired to draw this.

Although, I really don’t think that is the reason.

If you are familiar with “Eastern” medicine, the kidneys are associated with the “negative” emotion of fear. They are also associated with the color of blue.

In their anatomical association with the body, the kidney vasculature system drains into the renal vein which drains into the inferior vena cava which heads up towards and drains into the heart.

And I guess this got me thinking.

What if we imagined our fears being drained from the kidneys and making their ways to our hearts which transforms them?

In the picture I drew the energy of the kidneys and the path of the inferior vena cava leading to the heart, which sits above them, as it does in our bodies.

And in this image, I see Your heart triumphing over all of Your fears.


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