When You think you are Like Ironman, and then Realize Your Suit Doesn’t Work

Not Sure

Not Sure

I have not posted in a while, nor have I been able to stay up with reading the blogs of others as much as I would like. I have missed so many of your words of inspiration and insight. I feel moments have passed in which I would have learned something.

Unfortunately, I hit the colloquial brick wall this week. Suddenly, my body hurt. I have been confused by my next step. I have hung on by a thread energetically, when normally I have energy to spare.

As I think many of us are experiencing right now, my life is changing rapidly. I feel my wing span has opened, opened more, and opened even more. But, I don’t trust in my ability to fly with these new wings.

Suddenly, I feel like Ironman in a suit that is not working properly. I am flying here and there with no sense of control or direction. (This happened in one Ironman movie. I can not remember which one.)
(I have no ability to remember movie lineages or contexts. Despite my husband and stepson repeatedly trying to inform me about the Avengers, X men, Wolverine, Thor, and Marvel comics, I can never remember if these are one in the same or different entities. But, put Robert Downey, Jr. or Chris Hemsworth in anything, and I am there, regardless of story line.)

I am a bird perched on a nest- afraid I am going to be blown down by strong winds. But unable to leave and fly, because I am unsure my wings can handle the tumultuous drafts heading my way.

So, I sit on that nest high up in the tree, and tweak my wings. Waiting like Ironman (who in my heart, I believe I am to be that strong) for a new suit that fits and flies straight, one that I can believe.

Although this art picture is a bit strange, I like it. There is my heart in the nest. Swirls of turbulence surround me. My wings are awkward- different sizes and shaped like a bat’s. I never draw wings like this, but my inner artist indicated this was to be it.

Bats represent the following: high sensitivity to surroundings, keen awareness. Often the spirit of the bat is invoked when special energy is needed, such as “night-sight” which is the ability to see through illusion and ambiguity and dive straight into the truth of matters.

The last part sounded perfect to me. I need special energy right now- perhaps I have my superheros mixed up- Batman anyone?

(Animal symbolism obtained from What’s Your Sign)


23 thoughts on “When You think you are Like Ironman, and then Realize Your Suit Doesn’t Work

  1. So funny that I’m right there with you – it was a challenging week for me, too. It’s like my life has taken a direction I never expected it to and it’s hard to trust! πŸ™‚ But, alas, it is what it is and I’m sure there is a life lesson that will present itself to me! Have a wonderful week Miss Kimberly!

  2. A beautiful image, Kimberly. All your work – without exception – speaks to me. I wonder if your subconscious is trying to say something in this piece – to me, the heart seems protective and nurturing (not blocked).

  3. I’m right there with you Kimberly. I’m sorry to say, I find comfort in knowing it’s not just me that has these “off” times. It’s a rather insecure place for me; unsettling. But, I’ve been there before and know it passes. I like that you can use your time to create images to sort things out πŸ™‚

  4. Kim your stuff is wonderful! It sounds like new doors of favor are opening for you and your going through them even though its unfamiliar. Is that true?

  5. Lovely post! What I feel nowadays, is that my spirit wants to sore, my soul is light and joyful like a feather, but somehow I feel that I don’t fit in my body. It sounds weird, but sometimes I feel that I am not quite human. And these days I have been battling the horrible Indian bureaucracy, and for me, dealing with this human-created-mess is the worst! I just want to fly away into my own world. So even though it is not quite the same as you are feeling, I can still relate big time!! πŸ™‚ We’ll send each other lots and lots of loving support and beautiful blessings! Big hugs to you Kimberly!

    • Oh my gosh, I am so glad you posted this!!! I, too, feel like I don’t fit in my body right now. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. so, big hugs to you. You can handle the Indian bureaucracy, I know you can! You have the strength and smarts to do this. thank you for writing. Love and strength to you!

  6. It is the Shift as well, I think. Lots of us are feeling it. Chaos reigns, making it even more challenging to stay the course. You have lots of support out here in the blogging world. I especially agree with Rob Taylor, trust the inner voice. Don’t forget to breathe deeply! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh I so enjoy your writing here, and the wonderful painting. I love bats! May your body already be feeling pain-free, and may the brick wall dissolve away as you take your next step forward in love and light. Seems like the wisdom of Bat has come to support you in your super powers! xo Gina

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