When Your Dreams Feel so Far Away

Night Dreams

Night Dreams

When our dreams seem so far away
that to touch them would equal fingering the sky

My heart finds a space to believe in one simple thing:

When I am too tired, exhausted, worn out and hopeless
to carry my dreams any more

And I fear them floating, floating, floating far from me
I like to believe that while I sleep

A Heart in Heaven opens itself up and carries
my dreams safely across the night sky, while I rest my weary eyes.

Sometimes you have hopes and dreams for yourself and those you love, yet, you get tired. You become worn down by the day-to-day struggles. And perhaps you become worried that if you do not work to hold the vision of your dream, it will float far from you and you will lose it.

I do believe in these states, a piece Heaven steps in to hold and carry such dreams for us when we think we can no longer go on. And there in Heaven, our dreams remain safe and sound, while we rest our weary bones.


7 thoughts on “When Your Dreams Feel so Far Away

  1. Share your dream with at least one other person and write it down somewhere…anywhere! Life does have a funny way of working our dress into reality as long as we remain patient and never try to force something to happen prematurely. I worked with a woman who reminded me the we reap what we sow, but never in the same season. We must be gentle and patient and enjoy the periods of rest. πŸ™‚ ❀

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