Do Not Fear that which Emerges from Your Depths



In the depths of your being, within the history and stories,
that have been created by you and for you,

you may find hidden a discovery or two that
spins you into confusion.

From your own depths, darkness may spiral and
you may attempt to keep it hidden.

But all the darkness is seeking is a chance
to see and breath the light.

So let whatever longs to rise up
come to the surface and know

as it came from within you-
that you can handle its emergence

with all the style and grace
already present within you.

At times, we can be surprised at the awarenesses about ourselves which filter up to the surface of our consciousness. If these awarenesses are especially dark or displeasing, we will want to push them back down below.

But, you are stronger than any single thought, emotion, story or scenario that have attached themselves to you.

Whatever is within you, you need not fear it. It is of you and you are more than capable of transforming it.


16 thoughts on “Do Not Fear that which Emerges from Your Depths

  1. This immediately made me think of Mr. T and the times I have a bad dream and wake up in tears and my mind just goes into a dark spiral of ‘what ifs’ (which are the monster in every mom’s closet!). It’s not easy, and I work hard, but I can transform it back to good. I think it’s important not to just dismiss it, but to over come it! (Which is massive to hear me say this, because I’m big on compartmentalizing and never dealing with issues!) šŸ™‚
    Great post!

    • Oh…. I can so relate. I think every mom has monsters in her closet, as you write. It is important not to dismiss or “bury” the feelings and thoughts. They are only healed by letting them move through to the light.

  2. I love it when I read a post that says what I have been thinking, or what I have shared with others that day! This has happened with your posts on several occasions…what a blessing!

  3. Ah yes Kimberly. As you say it is all a part of us. I call it our life energy or prana. It only appears dark because it is hidden. When we allow the emotions to rise up and through us … like waves of energy … then it can bring true acceptance and peace. Wise words and a lovely visual expression of them.
    Val x

  4. This artwork and poem speaks so much to me! I posted a poem today about “changing our minds” with the peace of spirit by our side. Thank you! You have offered confirmation and a deepening of the peace. šŸ™‚

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