Want more Comments on Your Writing?…Then, Fulfill this Responsibility

Creative Hands

Creative Hands

Creation is not a problem for most people, even if they label themselves as “completely un-creative”.

We are creating every minute of our lives. Some, such as writers, bloggers, and artists, do this “creative” thing on a more official, public level, but the basic act of creation is still the same.

I have found for any artist then, creating is not the issue. Where I see many artists become frustrated is with the shadowed, back-end of creativity. This aspect is something that the artist may be seeking, but may or may not be consciously addressing.

Most artists are happy to create. They will say they are inspired to do so.

But most artists are also seeking the next step- their work to CONNECT with someone.

The feedback artists require is not necessarily praise and applause, but rather the knowledge that their work “hit the mark” and resonated with someone.

When no one comments on an artist’s work, an artist can become frustrated. I have heard comments such as “I put all this time into this. I reach out with my work and no one notices.”

If you want your work noticed, whether it is art, writing, or blogging, an essential component must be addressed.

Everyone who interacts with a piece of art or writing, as a viewer or reader, is “selfish”. They want something from the art.

When I read someone’s work, I want to walk away with something for me. I want to be inspired. I want to have laughed. I want an emotion stirred within me. I want a new insight. I want to feel pleasure or awe.

And this is where the responsibility of the artist/writer comes into play- If you want others to engage with your work, to comment, and to notice- then you, as the artist, must give the viewer something to hold onto from your art.

No one wants to be barraged with random words or images and take nothing from the experience.

What viewers are seeking is something tangible to hold onto from your creative act.

And, you as the artist, have the responsibility to hold yourself to this standard: You must create in such a way that someone interacting with your piece has something to hold onto within it and can take from it.

Don’t put nebulous, rambling creations out there and expect connection through your work. You have given the audience nothing to hold onto, because you, yourself, have not created anything of solidity which can be held.

If you can not hold it yourself, you will be unable to give it to anyone else.


9 thoughts on “Want more Comments on Your Writing?…Then, Fulfill this Responsibility

  1. “If you can not hold it yourself, you will be unable to give it to anyone else.” Amazing! That applies to so many aspects of life and reaches so far beyond creativity, though completely true of that too. I need to write this down and remember remember remember. Thank you ❤

      • It is a thought I now keep coming back to. I need to give it some more thought or let it circulate through me as I feel like you said something really profound in this xxx

  2. This is so true…when I started blogging, it was mainly for fun and to keep a sort of “online journal” that my family and friends could read if they wanted to. I never expected to make the connections with other writers that have been made. That…was an unexpected blessing!

  3. I love this post. You have such a way of addressing what lies beneath the surface of things, like turning over a old log to see what lives beneath. Your colorful artwork today gives me a happy feeling!

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