Brutal Honesty about Why You are Creating

A Heart of Hearts

A Heart of Hearts

I am working on a book about narcissism. Why?

Because I want to.

And really every answer about what you create and why you create it comes down to a similar answer- because you want to.

No one is telling you to do it. No one is forcing you to do it. You can place other criteria upon your self- but at the end of the day

you create for only one reason-

you want to.

Now the reason behind the want may vary- you may want to heal yourself, you may feel you have something to share to help others, you may want to educate others, you may want to provide an opportunity for others to laugh and so on—

but these are again “wants”; they are not “needs”.

This is the beauty of creativity- it is not life and death and that is why it is so giving and so free.

Creativity is found in the choice.

So, if I am honest with you – as I begin to put together a book on narcissism, my internal critic cringes.

It wants a better explanation than “I want to”.

My internal critic worries that to follow my first book, a book about heart and loving yourself, with a book on narcissism is incongruent in the worst sense. It tells me I shouldn’t do it, no one will like it. The book will not be positive and so on.

But the brutal honesty is that I am writing it because I want to. And those simple words free me.

I want to organize the material I have and I am not done, yet, telling the story I want to tell.

Writing is my way of making sense of how love and abuse can coalesce in some situations, and for me, words across the pages helps me separate the two.
I dissect the experiences with literary tweezers, trying to pull the strands apart so I may begin to understand.

I have had some regular followers of this blog comment that I should not write about narcissism or narcissistic people any more (as if I am giving narcissists my time and attention and should not be).

I am well aware my blog is not the tightest as far as focus and aligned-content on one topic. But does it matter?

No, because I am creating what I want.

And I hope your answer as to why you write what you do would be just as beautiful and simple- because you want to.


25 thoughts on “Brutal Honesty about Why You are Creating

  1. Hehe! I love it! I was just thinking about this the other day as I wrote a little post for my yoga blog. I asked myself, “Why are you suddenly writing more on THIS blog, Paula?” I answered myself, “Because it’s where my energy is taking me. Because I want to!!” 🙂

  2. I totally write what I want because I want to! And I’m happy to hear that you are too!
    Also, I think that writing does heal, and that sometimes we have to share about our past trials and tribulations in order to release them. The bonus is that several times our words and our release helps someone else!

  3. Well I guess I missed out on your posts about narcissists darn it– or maybe I was too focused on your artwork:-) so I personally look forward to your book! Please stay true to your self– you’ll never go wrong 😉

  4. The proces of creating is the most important at all. We need to enjoy, whatever we are doing in our life.
    Your blog is your blog alone and up to you, what you wish to bring at your blog.

  5. I read several books by a popular author of the 1980s… M Scott Peck. I maybe read everything he published.He and a few others I read described in detail how evil works… the ego is a powerful illusion and so it seems is evil – – in our body forms the illusion is real. In the world it isn’t an illusion by our understanding of illusions. Give yourself plenty of time and focus clearly on the love that you know is real as you dismantle these ones. Even reading or writing about them is difficult.

    ~ Eric

  6. I think it’s a great idea for you to write a book about narcissism! You always seem to write about things about which you are passionate. You’ve so many insights to share on the topic, and it’s great that you’re refusing to be put in a pigeonhole. The common thread, after all, is you – not the topic – and that shines out 🙂

  7. I am excited about your book on narcissism. Maybe because I am one 🙂 I love the reason to write – because I want to – that is better than good enough. It’s great. It’s clear. Freeing. Wonderful! My mother is a narcissist and I remember trying to find books on the subject and there were very few. I did manage to find a book I think it was called Daughters of Narcissistic mothers. It explained a lot and helped me to understand it better. So, Write On!

    • ha! I hardly think you are a narcissist. Most are not aware enough to self-identify! I know what you mean about the lack of books. It can be frustrating and isolating for those suffering relationships with a narcissist. A book or shared comment can do much to break through the isolation.

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