Grateful for Your Words

A Woman Loves

A Woman Loves

I had forgotten the beauty of my own heart
That is
Until you spoke.

Now your words will not leave
and for the life of me, I can not remember
the sadness that I once felt.

Do you ever experience those times when the words of one person can transform you life at that moment?
Some words are spoken, or written and read (as I do with your blogs), that remind me of the divinity by which we all live.
And I am so grateful for those transformative words.


13 thoughts on “Grateful for Your Words

  1. Hello Kimberly, another great post!
    During a very difficult time, some one wrote in a card ‘morning will come…’ I knew the words to be true as soon as I read them. These words gave birth to an image of dawn, with all the freshness that comes with a new day. I knew that eventually morning would come… and it was extremely comforting.

  2. Great words! Beautiful artwork!
    (PS, and I should send you an email instead of doing this hear, but for the life of me, my brain has disappeared. I finished your book the other day and loved it! I can’t remember if I told you so or not! I did leave my review on Amazon and Goodreads, I think, if you have it listed anywhere else let me know and I’ll leave a review there, too!) (If I’ve already told you this, forgive me, but I’d rather tell you twice how much I loved it than forget to tell you anything!)

  3. Beautiful poem….and so true. Fellow bloggers I have never met have gotten me through some very dark times with words of encouragement, understanding and affirmation!! Sometimes, that is all we need to see our selves and our lives differently. Kim

  4. Yes, I have had a moment like that, the words were small and everyday-words, but for me powerful, and they released me from something I needed to be released from 🙂 I loved that poem Kimberly! It’s so lovely!

  5. I love your post, which mirrors my own feelings. Connection felt through a few kind words makes all the difference! I particularly love your artwork, it really expresses the feeling.

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