Can’t get No satisfaction from Your Blog/Creating?…Well, then it is Perfect!

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

I was reading a book the other day on creativity.
The author mentioned that many people are motivated in life by the desire for a sense of satisfaction. Achieving a sense of satisfaction becomes the Holy Grail, seemingly implying if ever found that all will be well.

Workplaces can even be caught up in the satisfaction quest. Companies may be very concerned about employee “satisfaction” and go as far as surveying employees about this supposedly critical element.

What if satisfaction isn’t even the point, let alone the ultimate goal?

What if, as the author suggests, rather than satisfaction, well-being is found in involvement? Yep, good ol’ simple involvement in life.

And I began to think about blogging, writing and creating in general. Creativity, at its core, is not motivated by satisfaction, not even close. Creativity, however, is highly dependent on involvement by the creator.

You can not write a blog or two or hundred without being involved in your life or your topic.
It is your involvement that is the gift, both to yourself and your readers.

By being involved in your life to the point you have something to write about and express, guess what?
You have something to give– not take.

Your engagement and involvement, leading to expression, is the piece of you that your share with the world.

This is the extension of creativity reaching outward in an act of relinquishing a piece of itself to others.

When we blog, we are continually exchanging this gift. You are involved in your life, which leads to your creative expression. I, in turn, gain from your involvement, and one moves from an act for the individual to an act for the community.

And in the greater scheme, the specific topic of your involvement means very little. Heck, I just learned a lot about brushpiles from some one’s blog. πŸ™‚

Had I ever thought about brushpiles before? No.

But why do I remember it and feel like I gained something?
Because someone was involved enough in her life to write about it, and thus, she had something to give.

You ever wonder if your blog is “worth” it? Does it matter?

Your blog is a means to involvement. And in involvement you have something to give.
Satisfaction really has nothing to do with it.

16 thoughts on “Can’t get No satisfaction from Your Blog/Creating?…Well, then it is Perfect!

  1. Love it~ πŸ™‚ It is the perfect ebb and flow of exchange, each person expressing their unique creative output, their divine gifts, that add to the universal whole – a magical, living, breathing entirety.

  2. I love this Kimberly. In the busy world we live in, to think each blog I read has a person sitting there focused on what is important in their lives. It’s important to them, so it makes it important to me. And it baffles me that anyone feels the same about what I’m involved in. Great stuff πŸ™‚

    • I know! I loved the image of someone being so involved with something that they actually had something to give and contribute. I love your stuff by the way. I was just telling a friend about the “post-traumatic growth” idea. thank you for giving us something to work with that is so positive.

  3. I agree. Writing about your life is to be involved in what is happening around you: to be aware of your surroundings and thoughts. It can be easy to be lured in by the satisfaction you might feel if you think a particular post is received well – you might think that is a successful post and that satisfies you. The satisfaction, however is fleeting, but the awareness and involvement that took place when you wrote it is real.

  4. Every six months or so, I ask myself why I bother writing when so few people read my posts…but i can’t seem to stop; there is some inner need to express myself; some deep desire to put those thoughts out into the world; so I keep writing for me, with the hope that maybe, once in a while, someone will see something in my writing that resonates with them. I love how you are thinking about it; as if it a gift that needs to be shared with others. Kim

    P.S. i love this art piece; it pulses with energy.

    • Thanks for the comment about my art πŸ™‚ Although a part of us is writing for others and for others to notice (and this is true to a point), the inner artist in each of us simply wants to be involved. To involve yourself in your own life, to really feel it and be able to express something with it is such a gift. As I have written before, I have taken much from your postings (sometimes I do miss some, given my schedule) but your writing is solid and inviting and through your gift, I have learned.

      • Thank you Kimberly….the drive to express ourselves is strong and I love how you articulate it. I will hold on to your kind words in my moments of doubt. Kim

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