Uncovering the Purpose of Your Blogging-What Have you been Hiding?


The other day, conversing with a friend who is finishing her dissertation, she mentioned the “unstated purpose” of her writing.

I did not know what she was talking about at first. Coming from a science background in which you literally state your intention with the hypothesis, an “unstated purpose” seemed to me to be a ridiculous driving force in any work.

Then, she explained hers- she wants to change people’s usage of certain vocabulary that is taken for granted in her field. You will not find this purpose stated anywhere directly in her written arguments, but it is, I realize, her underlying driving force.

When I thought about it, I realize even in science we had unstated purposes (namely to keep funding coming into the lab πŸ˜‰ ). Even beyond that, though, we had an unstated purpose that went well beyond any specific hypothesis in any given article.

My friend was pretty clear that she felt most art and creativity has an unstated purpose.

I began to think about my blogging and I asked myself “What is my unstated purpose?”

I was surprised at the small-ness of the answer that came to me, as well as the self-centeredness.

My answer was simply this, “I want to be a better person.”

That is truly my unstated purpose of writing, no matter how self-serving that may come off as.

When I look at my topics, my postings, I see myself trying to grow and hold myself to a better standard. It helped me understand the range of topics I choose and the conglomeration that evolves.

So, I want to ask you- what is the unstated purpose to your blogging?

I have been reading several blogs lately in which writers have been questioning their focus- i.e. should they create a blog of different topics, switch from memoir to creative fiction in their postings, some simply are stuck in writer’s block-

And I wonder, could an answer be found in “What is the unstated purpose in my blogging?”

I would love to hear from you. And now I must go see that friend again and encourage her to keep writing- she has a wonderful unstated purpose for doing so and I am sure you do as well!


37 thoughts on “Uncovering the Purpose of Your Blogging-What Have you been Hiding?

  1. Love this post. My unstated purpose is to heal, and I process through writing. I write quite a bit of psychoeducation because it’s through my training that I’ve begun to weed out healthy vs unhealthy in my upbringing… My education is how I process so I share with the blogging world. I get the most hits on the psychoeducation posts!! πŸ™‚

  2. I think the purpose of my blog is very, what can I say, over the top……..I want to change the word! πŸ™‚ I wan the world to be a softer, gentler, more loving place. I want people to feel loved, comforted, I want everyone to share in joy and happiness, I want everyone to discover their inner strength, to see the beauty of life and the beauty of the world, I want people to connect with and be anchored in their beautiful souls, I want to make people smile, I want to spread happiness, I want everyone to feel that the world is a place full of mysteries and adventures and beautiful treasures. Oh, I could just keep going here Kimberly, but I will not. If my writing and art can be a tiny source of just a little drop of this, then I feel that I have fulfilled my dreams.

  3. Brilliant post!

    I tend to refer to ‘unstated purpose’ with terms like subconscious motivation and intention, or subtext, things which are there if you listen carefully but are not obviously there.

    I often see your comments on posts of blogs which I follow, they are always supportive and encouraging… can you be better than you already are? Your quest to be so is inspiring.

    Thinking about your question… I don’t think I have an ‘unstated purpose’ for my blog as I have written many posts stating the purpose and purposes which it serves for me. No one else may notice those statements, but I know I have.

    Am I hiding something which lies within and beyond what I think that purpose and those purposes are? If it is hidden by me… I’m sure I’ll find it, but it may take a while and I may need a new shovel πŸ™‚

    Love this!!

    • I like what you say about the statements you make and that no one else may notice those statements, but you KNOW you have made the statement. There is something so powerful when we speak to ourselves in this way. We hear our own words and we are uplifted by these words.

  4. What a thought-provoking post! My stated purpose is to help others who stand where I once stood, to challenge a world where violence in all of its forms is swept under the carpet.

    The unstated purpose I guess is no different to many others here that blog about domestic abuse – to recover, to understand, to feel heard.

    I echo what other comments have already said, that your unstated purpose is quite beautiful – and you really do reach so many of us on so many levels.

  5. I am so shallow! I started a blog because it seemed fun… Yeah. No higher calling for me! πŸ™‚ but I love that you are there to encourage those around you! And I think your purpose is a great one, we should all strive to be better.

  6. fabulous post, and to think I followed you initially for your mind blowing art..
    I think my purpose for blogging is to be more of me, to get back to the basics of my being. For so many years, my writing was pushed aside, minimized, neglected, undervalued..

    the more I write, the more I realize that I require it like water and oxygen and love..

  7. Reblogged this on An Upturned Soul and commented:
    A beautiful and thoughtful post by a very talented blogger and inspiring soul.

    This post really made me think, and delve deep… I’m still thinking about this, that is what happens when one person shares their inspiration with others.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. I love this…I often just write about what is on my mind…and realize that it makes my blog rather unfocused and hard to market…but I have been using my blog to express feelings that I am working through for myself. I share in the hopes of touching another who sees their life experience reflected in mine and for the desire to be heard. Kim

  9. Great post, really got me thinking. πŸ™‚ Initially, I started blogging to get my writing and photography “out there.” Very soon, the unstated purpose became apparent, and I think that is “connection”. I view my writing and photography as the materialization of spirit, the urge to express moving through me and out into the world. Once that is accomplished, I’m done. However, the connection to other bloggers has been so enriching, through comments on my posts, then seeing and commenting on others’ work. I love letting others know how their posts affect me, it is an infinity loop of validation. “I see you and you see me.” Connection. Love and spirit at work.

  10. I don’t think your purpose is self centered I think it’s noble. I love that your background is in science and yet you are an artist. People have always told me you are one or the other, thinking or creative. I think you can be both. Ps. My purpose is to learn to be more open.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this. I have been writing my blog for about 3 months now and you made me stop and think what has been motivating me. I love writing my blog because it helps me to be more mindful of the present moment, to explore moments that are both positive and negative and accept them. Mindfulness and acceptance are what I hope to achieve through my blog.

  12. Interesting that you should write about this. After my first blog post or two, I asked myself this question, and now the answer I came up with is part of my “About” page.. Perhaps there is more that I haven’t realized yet that will come to the surface over time.

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