To Succeed, Perhaps, We all need One of These…

I have You

I have You

To be a witness is to hold another’s heart in the arms of Your own.


They say it is essential for children who lack effective parents to have an “enlightened witness”- an observer who sees, feels, and UNDERSTANDS what is occurring in a child’s life, and in turn, helps the child believe in him- or herself and his or her ability to navigate any challenges.

The enlightened witness may come in many forms. (You have no idea how many times I have prayed that I may fill the role of enlightened witness for my stepchildren.)

It got me thinking- perhaps even as we age, we all NEED an enlightened witness and we all, I hope, fulfill this role for others.

Even in the blogging world, there is nothing like a comment that makes you feel heard and understood, when you may be less than able to hear and understand yourself.

Perhaps it is an enlightened witness in our lives, someone’s heart who holds us in its arms, that enables us to succeed in the most glorious manner.

God bless all of you who are enlightened witnesses for others. We are better people for it.


11 thoughts on “To Succeed, Perhaps, We all need One of These…

  1. This is my favorite post on your entire blog!!! Oh how important this is! To children, to adults, even to animals! We all need that unconditional Love that ushers us on to grow, grow, grow! In my childhood that witness was God and His angels. 🙂 All I want from my life is to help people feel loved, to help create a world where we can find comfort, Love, appreciation, support, and encouragement! My dream is to touch people’s hearts with Love so that they can feel Love and happiness and joy. I believe that is why I was born. I love your art piece! It is also my favorite of all your art pieces! The hearts are so full of compassion, serenity, gentleness and comfort. So beautiful Kimberly! I think that you, with your blog, are such a loving and encouraging force in many people’s lives!! 🙂

  2. This is so true, as ever Kimberly. Particularly for those of us dealing with trauma, sometimes all that’s needed is a non-judgmental ear. You are a great example of an enlightened witness.

    Plus, I know I’ve said it before but I love your art – this one in particular makes me think of my own child. What a beautiful message.

  3. Thank you, Kimberly, for being that enlightened witness on my blog so, so many times. Your image today touches my inner child like you wouldn’t believe. Thank you. ♥

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