The Flight of Your Beautiful Life

Winged Flight

Winged Flight

Sometimes you can feel as if your metaphorical wings are beating and beating trying to keep your heart aloft in this journey known as life.

You have kept yourself aloft through a myriad of difficulties and still you have not stopped your flight of belief.

I wonder at times if we give ourselves the credit we deserve for living the lives we have crafted, often from sheer will, determination, and hard work.

At times, this generation of flight and fight are needed.

But a time also arises, if you ever watch some birds in flight, that a thermal current wafts upwards to carry one home.

Perhaps for today, you can rest your wings, and feel the support of the beautiful thermals in your life lifting your heart effortlessly.

Those parts of you that have followed your flight in life and are ready to keep lifting.


7 thoughts on “The Flight of Your Beautiful Life

  1. What an absolutely lovely post!! So uplifting and warm πŸ™‚ When I get quite tired of flapping I ask my beautiful guardian angel to do it for me πŸ™‚ Your art piece is beautiful! I love the eyes of the heart, it makes it look so serene πŸ™‚ I love the colors too! How talented you are!

  2. All I had to do was see the wings in this image today, Kimberly, and immediately my own heart softened and relaxed. Thank you for this beautiful message today. β™₯

  3. Lovely post. It is a great thought to just let go and let God. Sometimes I imagine myself curled up (like an Anne Geddes baby) safe and secure, totally relaxed, nestled in the palms of God. Generally for me, God is Energy, but for the visualization I see two hands, warm and sheltering. It is a sweet, nurturing feeling.

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