The Cycle of Creativity: You Get what You Give

Let Me Give to You, What I Have

Let Me Give to You, What I Have

I think of creativity as a circle or infinity loop. Around and around the creative impulse circumnavigates.

And to keep this momentum – you need to give what you get.

I see too many “creative types” who think of creativity (or life in general) not as a circle but rather as an incline plane in which everything is supposed to flow towards them with ease.

Life does not work this way. If you ever feel out of momentum with your creativity- your blogging, your art, your idea, your career, or whatever- I suggest you do one thing: Look where you can give. Look where you can put something out there to support the work of another and push that circle around.

I think the blogging world is a perfect example of this. I have gained SO MUCH by the comments and “likes” of others. You inspire me and provide momentum to my circle of creativity.

I also gain from my role in reading and commenting on the work of others. As I read blogs, as I comment and take in new perspectives, I am completing the loop and generating more power.

I work with some artists, though, who only see a 1-way direction to the artistic process. They think creativity means they put their work out there and then comments and accolades flow to them. They miss the point of the circle and loop- you get what you give.

If you want momentum in your art and life, you must support those acts in others.

Life is not an incline plane (or if this is how you view life, I would be cautious- we have all heard the saying of what exactly flows down hill 🙂 )

Give to the creative process in others. Support work and words from someone else and watch how your own creative circle gains momentum.

24 thoughts on “The Cycle of Creativity: You Get what You Give

  1. For me, art or writing is a tool to inspire, a tool to spread a message. It has always been that way for me, and I guess I keep thinking it is a like that for everyone (even though I know it is not), and when we want to use our gifts to inspire change in the world, then it becomes so important to let someone know when they have touched your heart and made a difference in your life. At least that is what I think. So I always, and I mean always, no matter who it is, let people know when they have touched my heart. Sometimes I never hear back from the artist I have complimented, but that is not the point, I haven given out what was meant to be given. I cannot force anyone to receive or accept. But this is just how it is for me. My soul is using my humanity to send messages of unconditional Love and compassion to the world, that is what I believe at least 🙂 Lovely, inspiring and thought provoking post!! Thank you for making me think these thoughts 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!

    • wow! You so exemplify what I was writing about. You give so much, and I can physically feel the generative energy around you. the cycle is so strong with you that you play with the creativity loop with ease. I hope my post did not come off as “tit for tat”. I was trying to help others that if they ever feel “stuck” to look outward to generate energy for creation. take care!

      • Your post was beautiful and I loved it!! 🙂 And thank you for your loving words! You have touched my heart with your Love, not only today, but so many times! I I admire you and your beautiful work, so thank you so much for being who you are and for the Love that you give to me and to the world. You are an inspiration!

  2. This is so true. Many times, I have read a post by someone else that has sparked an idea within me. Also, there is something inspiring about seeing the words, art and photographs of other people. And it feels good to let them when I am moved or touched by the power or beauty of their piece. AND, it is really affirming to have someone else offer the same back!! Kim

  3. Reblogged this on The Hunt FOR Truth and commented:
    Kimberly at Soul Healing Art posted one on creativity today.

    It got me thinking to write another post on the topic — then I decide… nah, I like what Kimberly wrote and I like what my study of Robert Fritz (Creating) got me and I can reblog this)…

    My Lesson from Fritz?
    I see a revelation… its murky… it needs focus… I let it be and at the same time, I see someone else reading it (it isn’t even written yet). Then I read it in my mind… then I research (it still isn’t even written). Often, someone else already wrote what I want to write. Sometimes their writing is so good, I just blog what that person wrote and maybe ad something.

    I look at Youtube – always… I am so more aware of things visually than in text… that’s me.

    I have a drafts folder of almost 60 entries… some are no more than a paragraph — some are “done” but they aren’t worth much yet so I just leave them be there for maybe forever.

    I write or blog for me… me first… then for someone that has similar interests. I imagine other people reading my work… Sometimes the ego wants attention — that’s okay, but we need a higher-mind so I wait until a higher-self stamps approval (usually). I ask myself, is this writing making clear who I am or what I stand for?

    In general, I follow what I learned from Robert Fritz (Creating – I didn’t like his other more popular book as well – The Path of Least Resistance). See:

    His method requires an ability to withstand pressure and tension — I like that because it gets me outside myself while with myself and still in myself… like I am a trinity of selves. Fritz says: “Most people who are not consummate creators avoid tension. They want quick answers.”

    To summarize Fritz, I have this to add from Fritz:
    “When we create, we are doing two things that can seem opposite. We are actively focusing the creative process toward a particular aim, the full manifestation of the vision, while, at the same time, allowing ourselves to be aimless and non-directive. We are narrow and wide, active and passive at the very same time.”

    “In music, there is a technique called circular breathing. You breathe in and out at the very same time.”

    “Some people have created systems in which one is supposed to handle these two opposite gestures in sequence: first you are focused, and then you let go,and then you focus again. This type of system, while well intentioned, misses the non-sequential, multi-dimensional, and simultaneous co-existence of both active and passive. You need both control and lack of control to occur at once.”

    “When we create, we can be both actively involved in the dynamic decision making process, with high levels of control, while at the very same time, be in a state of relaxation, passively receptive, relinquishing control, and able to let go of the vision we are so hotly pursuing.”


    Click to access fritz.pdf

    The Yin and Yang of Creating, Robert Fritz

    I hope this along with Kim’s post is helpful.

    Need help or want to collaborate with me?
    Just e-mail me at

    ~ Eric

    • HI Eric, Thank you for this beautiful response. I always gain so much from you. Thank you for the suggestion about the Fritz book. I am going to check into it today. For some reason it really resonated with me. Thank you so much for all of this!! kim

      • Your post brought back memories to keep it simple. I thought of Fritz and my struggles prior to reading his book in 1993.

        You had a great post here and I wanted to share it around. Thanks for your confidence.

        Blessings Kim;
        ~ Eric

  4. I like your thinking of creativity as an infinity loop. This has been what I, too, have discovered from blogging. I truly enjoy the exchange and look forward to the conversations, they inspire and uplift and I know in a small way I am doing the same for others. It’s a beautiful thing – connection!

  5. Great post! I also think everyone has an artist within them. When I teach art my art classes I hear, “but I’m terrible at drawing” and every time I see what they start with and show them my first sketch – and they are similar. The difference is I know it isn’t done yet, and keep working until it turns into something more. You have to believe it can be more. Unlocking creativity is all about sharing ideas with others and following the ebb and flow.

    • I so agree about everyone having an inner artist. The inner artist, I believe, is our most understanding and forgiving part of ourselves. And you are correct, it is all about following the ebb and flow.

  6. So true. Success/ creativity / acceptance is not of limited availability – it’s not a competition. You describe ‘get what you give’ very eloquently, and you are right – it does feel like completing the circle 🙂 Thanks for a great post.

  7. Wonderful post. You have just described how it feels for me since I started blogging and how much pleasure I get reading and commenting on other posts. 🙂

  8. Until I felt like I actually had something worth sharing, I held on to my writing and expression with a whole lot of fear. I feared judgment and rejection and simply getting “it” all wrong. I definitely believe the WP community has helped me creatively and supported me despite being far from perfect. I love supporting other artists out here. I sense quickly if a blogger or artist is here for selfish reasons. I generally step away from those blogs completely. We know, instinctively, who is in it for the connections and who is in it for some material or ego gain. Whenever someone asks me how to get more people to like, follow and read their blog, I suggest they like, follow and read other bloggers. It’s so simple!

      • Haha! Thank you, Kimberly, but I don’t want to appear like a pro when I’m really not. I want to be approachable, because I still have so much to learn!!

  9. Well put. The blogging community should be just that – a community. If I’m just putting out my drivel waiting for the accolades to pour in, I’m going to be waiting a long time. And be very lonely.

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