Returning to Yourself

Opening Up

Opening Up

When you were born, you were held
in God’s heart and vision

Nothing has changed since the time
you laid in arms at birth

to the time your steps
have crossed upon this Earth.

The sun sets in the night sky
and darkness descends

And we of little faith still believe
in the dawn of tomorrow

God has similar faith in you
If your light feels dim on some days

And you long to return to the shell
from which you were born

There you will find God waiting
to hold you in your imminent return and arrival.


I see a lot of people who are hard on themselves. They think they always have to be “on” and taking care of everything with a positive attitude and uplifted spirit.

Does this have a place in our lives? Of course.

But life cycles and we cycle with it. As the sun sets every day and we have faith it will return, trust yourself enough to know that if you need some quiet, secluded days, that you, like the sun, will eventually return across the sky of those you love and all will again be o.k.

Be gentle with yourself – always. The rest will take care of itself.

7 thoughts on “Returning to Yourself

  1. Excellent point! Fortunately, my son and I both recognize that we need days “off”. I’m glad he recognizes it, because it affects him most of all! LOL. He gets that sometimes everyone just needs a break to recharge.
    And pedicures. Everyone should also get pedicures at least a couple times a year. 🙂

  2. Everything you write feels like it is meant for me! I can so relate to everything, and I really appreciate your caring advice and love! Thank you so much for making me feel so loved and comforted 🙂

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