A Piece of Your Heart for Yourself

Me and You

Me and You

Our Hearts intersect
A symbol emerges
A diamond in the making

But what strikes me most
in not the brilliance of our union
Complimentary elements, as they are

But the fact that God
made my Heart so there may always be
a piece just for Me kept free

You were never supposed to give yourself away completely to love another. Such a silly message that you must give up yourself in order to love someone else.

When I look a this image, I see the beauty of our intersect- the shape of a diamond, how apt. Solid brilliance comes to mind and that is how I feel when a piece of my heart play with yours.

But what strikes me most, the part that hits my soul, is that when I see this image, I realize there is a piece of my heart that is only for myself.

God looks at my heart and whispers to me, “This, this piece here, is a piece only for you.” I don’t know if I have ever felt anything so dear.

I never thought I would be so valued that I could have a piece of my beautiful heart all to myself.

18 thoughts on “A Piece of Your Heart for Yourself

  1. Its wonderful to connect with others on the soul level (in the heart energy). I am finding myself more and more aware of this as I am practicing noticing the energy flowing between myself and others.
    ~ Eric

  2. lovely Kimberley… the integration of our heart and soul… feels so safe and trusting…

    I was wondering if you could send me a bigger picture of the awakening heart to my email again please… when I zoomed out it goes all fussy… thanks…. Barbara

    • Yes, those who are abused often struggle believing any part of them has value, and that they get to keep some things for themselves. Keep up the great work with your blog, by the way. You share such an important message.

      • Thank you so much Kimberly!! I really appreciate your support. And you are so right. These victims lose so much… including their identity. I pray that many more victims will see the Light and seek His guidance to find Peace from their situations. Many blessings to you!!

  3. Oh I love these words! They are so inspiring! They make my heart blossom 🙂 I am so glad I found your blog! Yay! I also love the image! Thank you!

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