The Awakening Heart

This posting was created in response to a call put out from the following wonderful blog,”Me, My Magnificent Self”. Barbara Franken is the woman behind the idea to ask for submissions from bloggers on the topic of awakening. Throughout the month, on each day (pretty much), a writer will tackle this topic from his/her perspective. Here is my contribution.

Awakening Heart

Awakening Heart

The Awakening Heart

Although we are all called to awaken our hearts, and in doing so, are rewarded with an incredible sense of liberation, I would hesitate to refer to such an awakening as “easy” or “comfortable”.

In some ways, an awakening heart is more at risk. Within the act of awakening, one almost feels as if one’s heart is more vulnerable, as protective illusions, delusions, and projections fall away.

Without this “protective” armor, we feel out of our heart-comfort zone.

However, I believe in the idea that we are each called to awaken within ourselves. As this is our call, we are supported in this process.

The image “Awakening Heart” speaks to this idea. I see a heart being lifted up and rescued from the tumultuous waves of chaos and confusion.

This is the blessing of awakening. We are able to move beyond and above that which limited us before. In this state, when we are sometimes called upon to confront life patterns and decisions we find overwhelming, Heaven helps us.

A heart in a state of awakening is at its most vulnerable. The loss is protection, however, is more than offset by the gain in love, warmth, and compassion that is the domain of the awakened heart.


12 thoughts on “The Awakening Heart

  1. The loss of the perceived protection feels vulnerable, but lately, the illusion of the guardedness held onto seems to me like a big kid with a blankie – we are really holding on to nothing that helps us at all. I love this image of the awakening heart you bring to the table!

  2. Kimberly thank you so much… your beautiful painting depicts exactly to me ‘the rescue we make when we awaken our heart’… You describe beautifully with your words… a most vulnerable time but not unlike child birth (which I actually gave a miss to this time around) the love that is delivered is worth all the trials and pain… Barbara

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