5 thoughts on “I am the Hope

  1. You’ve got that right Kimberly.
    Long ago… someone said to me “Eric, you are what you think. Stop thinking badly about yourself. Its getting believable to others.”
    We are loved – always. It took a long time for that to set in when I’d allow myself to believe otherwise.
    God is love and there is nothing else that matters to Him beyond because there is nothing but love in Him.
    All of the positive attributes that we care to know about are seeds of God’s love.
    I had a mood predictor at that long ago time and at first it was black every time I checked myself. I don’t know where to get them – but it helped. They change colors depending on your mood. Eventually I would get it nice and warm and friendly looking and I’d start as soon as I’d awaken and one day and thereafter I had it on my first attempt… it took time. Good things take time when we are overrun with negative thoughts and feeling down and out.
    We need to stay on top of feeling good. Positive progress comes from positive thinking and not from people that are down on themselves. More positive = better progress.
    Affirmations are good – but its necessary to begin right – right at getting up – with getting positive – and then do the best to stay there. Thanks for cheering us on Kimberly and for taking the time to want happiness for yourself and others – it works.
    ~ Eric
    Here is an optimism workout for your readers: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-Optimistic-Are-You-Quiz

    • Hi Eric,
      What beautiful sentiments. I love your story about the mood indicator. Sometimes we do not realize how we have slipped into negativity. i appreciate your understanding about not only do I want happiness for myself, I want it for others as well. Beautiful words on this day and I think you so much.

      • I THANK YOU! 🙂
        I just looked up online – the mood indicator was called a “stress card” and it displays a color values based on the temperature of finger tips. The plastic ones last a long time. It is sold as a biofeedback mood indicator (stress card). There are mood rings as well – expensive option (I never had one of them).

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