The Blog that is the Holiday Gift


the Sense-Full blog

My blog has said what I feared to speak.
And I once thought this was the greatest gift-

To have the figurative throat loosen
from the silent scream within

As words scrolled across the page in
verbal regurgitation-

The blog as digest-er and toxin
eradicator, gate-keeper for absorption

As my eyes finally unclenched to See-
the job for which they were designed-

The swarthy stride of black and white
and white and black with prescribed spaces

linking what was locked inside
to the firmament outside

But My blog was not done.
It had done it again, and granted my long, lost wish

that it be the ears I had once
shorn from the side of my head

and finally, yes, finally,
I could hear.

I write a lot about blogging and what it does for me. For someone like myself (and I am sure there are many others like me) who is so time-crunched, I an inquisitive as to why I take the time to do this.
Of course, I am appreciative of the feedback I receive. We pass so many blessings and well wishes to one another through this medium.
But I have to admit, my blog is a bit more self-serving than this. My blog is my senses across the page when I have insisted on being blind and deaf. It carries me with a strength that I had kept hidden – even from me. It allows my to finally hear myself and I think that is quite a gift.

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