Your Blog as Editorial Assistant



A friend, who is completing her dissertation, recently hired an editor. My friend is an excellent writer, so it is not lack of skills that pushed her to this decision, but rather a sense that her writing could use some “new” eyes and a push of momentum.

The program she is in now requires those entering to hire editors for their dissertations, so valued is the editorial process.

I have come to realize that blogging is one of the best editorial assistants with which one can engage.

My blog has frequently served as editorial assistant for me. I don’t know about all bloggers- but blogging has certainly helped me realize the words I most commonly misspell, words I commonly misuse, the phrases I use and over-use, my tendency to ramble, my love of – dashes-, and my “f*** it” attitude to some writing conventions at times.

I mean seriously, I have a PhdD, so I have written my fair bit. But, I have found myself on more than one occasion (a common misspell for me 🙂 ) looking up the definition of some word I want use in my blog posting.

Thank goodness for the “proofread” function. (Although I am shocked after posting something at the number of errors which have escaped my eyes and mind.)

My blog is also editor, the deciding factor as to what makes it to the public eye and what remains private and in “idea only” format. I don’t know why some things make it into my blog and some things do not. There seems to be an editorial trip wire between my blog and I- I propose an idea in my mind and my blog, like any good editor, embraces it with open arms or shuts it down before it begins.

I think one of the greatest joys in life is to continue to learn. (That is the teacher in me speaking, of course.) And blogging has taught me so much. I have also seen how blogging helps me in my work, both as a faculty member and consultant with publishing companies. There is something about blogging and writing frequently that keeps the engine primed (is that the correct saying??- see this is another thing I would commonly look up. ) When a writing project crosses my desk, I tackle it with a speed I have never experienced before.

I would, however, like to say “Thank Goodness” for the ease of the internet. I am sure I would have embarrassed my self with much greater frequency if it were not for the ease of the quick look-up of words and definitions.

I wonder for how many other bloggers the act of blogging has served the role of editor.
Happy Writing.

11 thoughts on “Your Blog as Editorial Assistant

  1. oh my goodness! I totally misspell “occasionally’ all of the time. I mean always – I have never spelled it properly! I will always put two “s” in there! (I tried to pluralize that and it just looked wrong!).
    I use Google as a spell-check all of the time, doesn’t everybody? 🙂

  2. Without getting all personal, blogging, kind readers and bloggers such as yourself … Truly mean the world to me. Blogging is deeply intimate and personal, and seeing that I am far from perfect?!? Neither is my writing. Blogging allows me to present my authentic, unpolished, fu*k it – Let’s grab a drink over lunch attitude to the world. Brilliant post today, Thank you!!! 🙂

  3. Blogging has improved my spelling and forced me to use a thesaurus for expanding my vocabulary. It’s a wonderful editor.
    I also am surprised at the many errors I miss, sometimes after publishing. Oye!

  4. oh this is a great post…I’ve been thinking about it for while…certainly when we comment most of the time we are doing so ‘off the cuff’ and sometimes don’t re-read before hitting the post button. In recent years when I got a blog BECAUSE I had to counter negative stuff I was surprised how quickly I found that ‘writing’ was helping me on many levels.

    Outside of the personal level of why I was writing about the topics I was writing about…I also found others such as your self. On the level of writing and editing, blogging has been an excellent way to keep my mind and skills sharp, in retirement.

    Years ago, with a friend, I was co-editor/publisher of a magazine and booklets that focused on religious/mythology/language/traditions; that was a wonderful experience! So I’m very glad today that I have blogging to help keep my mind going and learning. Someday I may even move on to a more pleasant topic to write about than what I am doing now! All in good time!

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