How Does the Flame Pierce the Sky?

I Still Believe

I Still Believe


Once when Life was Barren
and the World felt much too flat

I built a pyramid of such
stature and mass

That to reach the sky
became my obligation

On the way of climbing
myself up

I took note of what I
had crafted

And in that pyramid,
the life I had built,

I noted the flame eternal
seeking its rightful home

in the Heaven’s sky above
paying no mind to the land

on which it was formed
for it was driven by intent

So pure and true,
like the Spirit in you,

To pierce the Sky and
reunite with the Fire

From which it was
formerly born.

The Spirit within us is always reaching up. This we must trust. Spirit does not see the barren landscapes of our lives. Spirit thinks “up” and “up” and “up”. And we, in our most glorious and true moments, follow this command and transcend the bleakest of lands.

The flame of God is within you and burns true. It is the eternal part of you forever pulling you home.

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